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Have You Looked At Crowd Funding,Massive Program To Help People Around The World Create Funding For There Particular Niche.On The Flip Side It Creates Income For People That Would Like And Need To Increase There Income.But Never Earn A Penny..My Conclusion..Everybody Wins!
Gerry | european
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2 years ago

Dont Leave Your Primary Business.

Mar 25th 2011 at 6:08 AM



The backbone of this program is a set of online marketing tools and training, which can be useful for any part or full time business owner at any level. Even a self-employed individual, or someone simply interested in creating websites or blogs to create a passive income would benefit from this package. One of the best features included is an email autoresponder with unlimited usage. This allows you to enter email addresses, import a current list of emails, or have people sign up directly through a website of yours, and email them instantly, or automatically send out pre-written emails at designated intervals. This is a great tool for everything from newsletters or promotional campaigns. Simple forms for users to submit their email address into your list can be placed right on your web pages with this system, and complete web page "capture pages" specifically designed for this are included in the package. Lead generation and management tools, video training, and several other resources are included. Many email auto responders alone charge a substantial monthly fee, making the $50 a month for this entire package very competitive.

Whether or not these online tools sound like a great deal or absolutely meaningless to you, Residual Cash Blaster is far more than the business software. This is actually a complete business in itself, which can make you a substantial income even without using the software. When you refer other users to the system, as few as two, you begin receiving commissions on a monthly basis, and as they refer others, it continues to expand your income. If you are familiar with network marketing, also called multi-level-marketing, yes, this is a complete network marketing opportunity that you are a full ready-to-earn member of simply by your subscription to the business tools. It only takes two subscribers to the program for you to receive $50 per month, cancelling out your subscription fee. Things move into profit quickly.

What is particularly interesting about this setup is that you can use the online tools as a powerful way to promote the product itself, in addition to anything you would like, all for the $50 cost. Compare this to if you were to decide, as many do, to join a network marketing opportunity. While continuing to work your current job, you would pay a monthly charge that is generally much higher than fifty dollars per, receive a product such as supplements, then have to pay entirely out of your own pocket for tools to promote them. In the Residual Cash Blaster scenario, you have everything you need to promote the tool itself online and accrue subscribers and passive income, for no extra cost.

Now, let us get into the "too good to be true" part of Residual Cash Blaster, the claim that you can earn residual income without referring a single person to the program. How is this possible? They refer to this as "spillover," wherein you actually earn based on the success of the people who are already in the system, "above" you. The technical term is a 2x4 forced matrix, but ultimately the overall success of everyone in the system can automatically position new subscribers underneath you and start earning for you, even if you do nothing to sign them up yourself.

Sounds great, but will this actually happen? From my personal experience, I signed up for this system and within literally hours had two people fall into position under me, immediately returning my $50 investment. Within a day my investment was doubled. While I certainly cannot guarantee these results for everyone, as the earlier you get involved the more efficient it is, but it does speak to the system actually being designed the way they claim. The product has only launched in February 2011, so it is still very early to get involved.

Let me know your Thoughts   Be Blessed  Gerry Hawker.

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