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**Don't Be A One-Note Johnny. Why Website Diversification Is Key

Oct 9th 2010 at 2:29 PM

Don't Be A One-Note Johnny. Why Website Diversification Is Key
To Your Income And Wealth

So, like millions of people worldwide, YOU want to profit online.
Good for you. Every year the amount of commerce done on
the net surges further ahead. You're in the right place at the
right time.

Now, don't blow it.

You need insight into who's profiting online and how they're doing it
so that you can take a page from their gilded playbooks.

Think of...



And thousands of other Internet household names.

Each and every day, their management focuses on doing
the key things ensuring their long-term survival and
prosperity. They brainstorm new products and services.
They expand upon existing products and services. And they
diversify to capture new customers and increase market share.

Did YOU do these 3 things today?

Look Closely At Your Website

It's now time to scrutinize your website as a clever
entrepreneur and future millionaire would see it. Just
what's going on at

Millions of home-based entrepreneurs and small
businesses haven't reviewed their current site and
situation from the stand-point of their future growth,
profits, and wealth. But the folks at
Ebay, and Google most certainly did.

Keep in mind that these multi-billion dollar titans
ALL started as the smallest of small businesses, often
on the proverbial kitchen table. They brought to that
table, though, something which you, too, must deliver:
vision for growth.

Many entrepreneurs who have gotten very, very
rich started very, very small. But they were determined
not to stay that way. In short, they had a vision to which
they added personal determination and goals. They
saw small as a way station on the way to bountiful,
continuing, growing, indeed explosive prosperity!!!

This started by looking at their website as it was at
the beginning and doing everything necessary to speed
past this milestone as soon as possible.

Have you done this yet?

If you have had a website for more than a week and
you haven't brain stormed suitable new products/services,
haven't contacted providers of such products/services,
and haven't expanded what your website offers... you are part of
the problem. Instead you MUST become part of the solution,
or you're doomed to few responses and inadequate profits.

Profit-making entrepreneurs and companies are
constantly reviewing their website/store. Are you
systematically growing it? Are you currently reviewing
potential new products/services? When was the last
time you reviewed your website, removing items which
don't sell and adding new potential profit centers? Like
I said, the more you desire your website to become your
vehicle to substantial wealth, the more often you need
to be putting what you have on that site under a
microscope... and making necessary changes accordingly.

Every Day Is A Growth Day

To those entrepreneurs who want mammoth enterprises
with comparably impressive bottom lines, each day is a day
to grow: a day for taking what is and transforming it into a tool
for more growth. Did you review your website today with
this goal clearly in mind? If not, make this honest, analytic review
the first order of business today.

Then act on what you've learned:

* Products which are not selling should be either dropped
or demoted in placement. Note: if you demote to another
place of lower visibility and impact, make sure you make
a special offer to give this product/service a fighting chance.
* Review new products/services and add the most likely
of them.
Analyze your copy and website. Are they appealing,
motivating from the customer standpoint? If not, major
copywriting surgery is needed!
* Are you making... and constantly changing... offers
that motivate immediate action?
* Do you have a way to talk live and direct to your
customers? You're much more likely to make the sale
if you do.

Follow these guidelines daily, and you'll start seeing
substantial improvements in your bottom line. When
that happens... read this article again. Don't get
complacent! You already knows that doesn't work!
Constant website vigilance and improvement does!

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Nov 9th 2010 at 6:58 PM by drkelp
Good advice esp about constantly reviewing your web site and looking for new products and services.
Oct 30th 2010 at 7:12 AM by philjansen
Thanks for sharing a well informed article Arnljotb, I will check it out. Blessings -

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