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I believe in giving back. And best way for to give back in this industry is by helping other achieve their goals as I have been helped in achieving mine.
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Does your product or service run a close second to oxygen and food?

Dec 9th 2010 at 12:13 PM

Unfortunately, this article will leave a bad taste in many mouths but fortunately many will re-evaluate what they provide. It isn't my intention to bash or discourage but instead I desire to offer a perspective, that took me many years to see, understand and finally accept.

Understanding the relationship between what you provide and consumers/potential business partners is key to knowing how well you will do in building your business. We all,including myself, were sucked in to a business because of the lucrative compensation plan we were presented with and not the product. We were never in need of the product or service that was tied to the compensation plan, but we were in need of the money that was tied to the compensation plan.

The most successful products and services are those that run a close second to oxygen and food not to mention water. In other words, people have a need for it. They can not function without, life becomes a little more difficult without it. People are already sold on it and they are not using it because they get paid to do so.

The products and services that fall in this category have a large customer base and they are apparent every where you go. Products such as cosmetics, energy, and wireless services are very common and are necessities. Women feel the need to look attractive, or hide what they themselves feel are imperfections so the cosmetic sector in mlm do better than a super juice that promises to prevent some illness. Since people have to have lights in their homes, they are looking for the best price, so companies that provides energy will do better than vitamins. And Wireless cell phone service will do better than anything you can think of because everyone needs to communicate. Even weight lose is a nich market right up there with cosmetics. Whats that new year resolution that many of us make? I'm still making that new year resolution and before the summer months.

So where does you product fall? Is it a necessity or a luxury? If it cost between $120-150 a month to earn points then it is a luxury. It has slow growth, high attrition rate and a lot of unfulfilled dreams. But if it is within the cost margins of products you find in the tradition market place it is a winner in my book and on Fox Business. Just ask your Avon rep.

The Bottom line is a product doesn't guarantee success; the need to purchase product does. And you need more than a compensation plan to create a need for a product. In fact I don't believe you need to create a need, just identify a pre-existing need and you will hit your mark. Find a product that masses are already using and get them to switch.


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Aug 3rd 2011 at 6:01 AM by LonnieG
Totally agree, Jones! Mass appeal is one of the keys. Also having a product/service that provides a good enough value that a person would be a customer of that product/service even if they were not being paid to promote it. And, yes, what I offer DOES meet your criteria. ~LonnieG

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