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Does Your Drain System Has Blocked Sewer? Discover Easy Solutions

Aug 20th 2011 at 4:21 AM

The present day sewage is the outcome of centuries’ worth of thinking and progress. However, there are those circumstances where this system encounters a malfunction. If you are seeking to be a reliable house owner, then you would do well to find out the indications of a blocked sewer.

The general components of the sewage system of your house includes a pipe for each and every house in a locality, vast pipes that connect to a sewage line. The pipes in your basin and bathtub connect with the ones in your kitchen and eventually meet the main sewage line. All the waste of your house travels through these pipes and goes into the main sewer line. These pipes are usually made from very durable and tough materials including clay, concrete and cast iron. Hence, there is a very long guarantee, but a blocked sewer is an issue that brews in the pipes themselves.

The pipe, in some cases, can become blocked with dirt and debris and cause a partial or complete blockage. If you have been abusing your flushing system by flushing down diapers or plastic bags, then you can expect a sewer blockage. Therefore, when you hear a gurgling sound in your plumbing, you can be convinced of something impeding the flow of water. The growth of tree roots alongside the pipe lines can also be a reason of this issue. The disposal of excessive cooking fats and DIY materials such as plaster can also cause the initiation of this trouble. A blocked sewer will not allow storm drains to function correctly, which in the circumstances of heavy rainfall, will overflow the streets.

The pipes are developed in a manner so that because of pressure differences, wastage can access the lateral drainage system. If there is an obstacle at any point, then there will be a build-up of pressure, thereby making water to flow in the opposite direction. So, when you seek to flush or take a shower, you will see that the contents will get up through the drain. You could be confronting brimming sinks, tubs and in few cases, you might even ought to undergo damages outside your home.

A blocked drain is a trouble which can be dealt with, given that an educated method is used. Detecting the source of the obstruction may be difficult and needs the utilization of some hi tech devices. There are some circumstances where there are recurring blockages, in which case it is essential to supervise the sewer and search for the source. Problems, such as the place and the positioning of the obstruction may be a problem as well, thus finding out the challenging nature of a plumbing job.

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Aug 28th 2011 at 11:24 AM by shop4cheap
Very nice , you don't see very many plumbing articles on faceplate . I have 14 years experience as Union Plumber & Pipefitter and enjoyed reading this .

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