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Do You Use Valuable Content to Drive Traffic to Your Website?

Jul 6th 2010 at 6:00 PM

The term “content” when used by internet marketers refers to videos, audios or written word articles.  Do you use valuable content to drive traffic to your website?  I believe by using valuable content, you can generate more traffic in a number of ways:

Search engines love websites that offer valuable content.   It doesn’t matter what type of site you have, you can leverage this to increase the traffic to your website (i.e., an online store, a forum, or a blog).

Don’t forget your visitors LOVE sites that offer free content, especially valuable content.  This allows them to come in and click around a bit and get to know more about you and your products — and may motivate them to purchase from you instead of someone else.  Leveraging valuable content on your website makes it “sticky”, meaning that if a visitor comes to your website and finds good information (regardless of the format), they are more likely to return than if they just landed on a sales page.

Here are some examples of valuable content you can include on your website:

  • Articles: Include valuable articles on your website.  You can use your own unique content along with a mixture of free “reprint” articles and PLR (Private Label Rights) articles.
  • Blog: Add a Blog to your website — especially if you don’t want to add articles directly to your site.  Creating a blog with content about your products, services and special offers allows you to showcase specials and explain uses for your products and services.  Establish yourself as an export on these subjects and people will return in the future for more information.  You can do this by adding articles to the blog or chatting about the subject matter.
  • Product Descriptions: Adjust your product descriptions.  Be more descriptive and add more text information to your product descriptions in your storefront.  This will be providing increased valuable content and is another easy way to attract traffic and potentially customers.
  • Comments and Feedback: Make sure you ask for comments and feedback, regardless of the type of website you have.  By incorporating comments from others, you are helping make your site more valuable.
  • Testimonials: By adding testimonials, it helps your site appear trustworthy, and additionally adds content for search engines — another simple, yet effective way to drive traffic.
  • Newsletters: If you publish newsletters, whether they’re daily, weekly, or monthly — make sure you archive them and allow easy access to them to create another form of valuable content on your website.
  • Audio: If you’ve never thought about adding audio features to your website, it’s very simple and easy to record and publish audio online with services that do practically everything for you.  Maybe you’d like to interview someone, or have someone interview you?  Include these interviews as valuable content to add to the credibility of yourself and your website.  This is another form of information that your visitors will enjoy.
  • FAQ’s: If you receive questions and comments or customer service related questions on your website, you’ll want to keep track of them and incorporate a FAQ page for future visitors.  This adds valuable content for the new visitor if they have the same questions that has already been answered, and in return saves you time by not having to answer repeat questions from potential customers.

To your success!



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Nov 7th 2013 at 12:21 AM by foxychops
I've heard about the Audio thing - thanks

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