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Well if you didnt know it yet - Im Catarina Berg a Internet Marketer from Sweden who moved to the Tropical Island Borneo - Malaysia. Together with my husband we own - and Besides that I run the popular Swedish blog - Borneobloggen

Since Moving to Borneo in spring 2009 I joined my husband and started to work as a Internet Marketer. Back in Sweden I had many different offline jobs but I can honestly say that learning to be a Internet Marketer has been one of my biggest adventures - very challenging but also rewarding! I have learnt a lot - not only about techniqual things like html and so on - but how to train your mindset - marketing methods and so much more. An adventure I dont regret at all

Viral List Builders, Blogging, Autoresponders, Traffic Exchanges, Squeeze Pages, safelists, YouTube, Social Networks, plr stuff, create your own products is among a few things we have Experience and knowledge about. We love to share that knowledge with you and help you build Your Own list with the right tools. Its great fun to meet new people like you every day and see how we can grow together. Internet Marketing is a never ending journey... ;)

Thanks for checking in - this is just a short introduction of me - there is much more to say. Sometimes we forget online to Introduce ourselves - I think its important to know the person behind the screen!

Enjoy ;)
Catarina Berg | catarinaberg
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Do you use Pro Tools or Is Free Always The Best?

Sep 21st 2010 at 9:30 AM

Is Free really FREE? Is Free Always The Best? Why pay for Pro Tools when things are free? When it comes down to success in business you have to decide if you want your own Business or if you want to trade time for money (read employee).

If you´re looking for your Own Business what are you prepared to do, to make your business profitable? All begins in your mind. Where your focus are. Where should you spend your time and what kind of tools do you need, is it free?

We´re going to discuss is Free always the best - if you want to progress in your business?

Either you have a business offline or online you have to do investments. You can´t avoid it. If you believe your business idea is GREAT you don´t hesitate.
The Money you put in is worth it.
You can´t say I don´t need to invest in my business - I can do it for free. There is No Option. From Day 1 you need certain tools.

Let us Illustrate it:

Your car needs to be fixed. It´s broken - and you really need it!
You have 2 choices:

1. You do it yourself - you maybe have to buy a book, search on the internet for instructions. You need the right tools - it´s not free

2. Pay someone who do it for you.

In both examples you need knowledge, the right tools AND money! Maybe if you did it yourself you saved a few bucks - but instead - how much time did you spend?
Was it free?

Same goes in your business. If you want your Business vehicle to Run Smoothly. Either you pay someone for the things you need that you don´t have enough knowledge about or you start to learn yourself - by getting the right tools - in both ways you have to invest..
One thing you learn while you progress is that it actually saves you both money and time to invest in the Right tools
So what kind of Pro tools do you need in a Online Business? Where do you start?

You need 3 Things. We can refer to them as “The 3 Musketeers“ These are real Pro tools.

1. Autoresponder - (Aweber) – the most effective way to keep in contact with your customers

2. Hosting - Not an option - the most essential tool in your Online Freelance Work

3. Tracking - will help you to see where you should put your effort in advertising and to keep up to date with where you get your best results.

"The three Musketeers” are not free - but they will give you results. The Value in this Tools is essential for your business to grow.
Is free always the best? No – It is only if you are willing to invest money in your business you can get results and make your business progress.

"Plans are only good intentions unless they immediately degenerate into hard work."
Peter Drucker (1909 - 2005)


Catarina Berg - Co writer and Co owner of a href="http://Stefan></a>. Together with my husband Stefan Berg we work as Online Entrepreneurs. In early spring 2009 we moved from cold Sweden to Tropical Borneo, Malaysia. We help people develop and progress in business. Our focus is Listbuilding - Driving Traffic and how to Brand your name.

Learning how to use Pro Tools is vital - one of the keys to success.
If you want to know more about taking your business to the next level don´t wait any longer. Start Today!

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Apr 9th 2011 at 4:26 PM by schmity58
Great article nothing is ever truly free to make your business work it will cost both time and money how much you want to invest is the question.
Apr 6th 2011 at 1:11 PM by One24Eubanks
Great article!
Sep 26th 2010 at 9:05 PM by catarinaberg
Y Dee - its great when u can work together as a team! Stefan started about 5 years ago but the last 2 years since we moved to Borneo - Malaysia I been more involved too. Like it a lot ;) Take Care
Sep 24th 2010 at 6:17 PM by deewest
Good Article .. So nice to meet you I will check out your website.. Isn't it great to work with your husband Online? My husband is now retired and also home working our business. It is so nice to have him here with me. Best Wishes Dee

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