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Do You Serve The Fad Diets? Every Other Day Diet Review Plan

May 26th 2012 at 12:30 AM


Do you serve the Fad Diets? Question of Health and aesthetic Xochilt OF CHE ALVARADO ROCIO


ESTADISTICAS72% of women older than 20 is overweight and / or obesidad.67% of men are in the same situación.Una in three women is overweight or obese.

Every Other Day Diet Review


26% of children between 5 and 11 years have combined prevalence of overweight and obesity.


How good is to resort to fad Every Other Day Diet to lose weight? Are long-term health effects? Are they for all ages?


The health problem is obesity and overweight, which leads people to lose weight by body image. 1st. Encouragement to lose weight, regardless of health problems that this legal consequences.


This bank of people to seek quick solutions that require little effort to lose weight, and proposals are in: DIET AND DIET PRODUCTS FASHION.


Points to considerar1 ° Diet is everything that a person consumes in a day, not an exclusive formula to lose weight, so a better term would plan alimentario.2 ° Obesity is not generated because one day someone ate a pie dessert, but it is a process that began years ago with the practice of poor eating habits. 3 ° turn to fad diets coupled with lack of adequate dietary guidance, can cause health problems external conditions such as Anorexia and Bulimia.


Fad diets offer great loss of weight in a short time under the premise of "fast and bounce", but most lack a rational basis and constitute a health hazard.


AstronautaDieta modaDieta diets of the 900 caloríasDieta of the 1200 grape caloríasDieta Diet sandíaDieta of quick díasDieta piñadieta 3 Diet of AtkinsDieta pomelozumodietaDieta proteínasDieta the Zone Diet South Beach Diet MontignacDieta puntosDieta saviaDieta PritikinDieta of syrup of sanguíneoDieta group of red tea or Pu-ErhPsicodietaDieta macrobiotic


Diets rápidasEnfatizan a single food or food group, which runs the risk of nutritional deficiencies, because no single food provides all the nutrients needed. Some examples of diets are those of pineapple, seven days and soup.

Every Other Day Diet Review


GrasaJugo burning diet fat-burning (2 servings) Ingredients: 1/2 cup peeled, chopped papaya semillas1 / 4 cup crushed pineapple slices of watermelon without cáscara2 minced peeled, chopped semillas1 ripe banana, peeled 1 1/2 cup water 1 and a half hours of daily exercise combined


½ Grapefruit Diet modeloDesayuno SCARSDALEMenú, orange or Pan manzana1 edulcoranteComidaLa tostadoCafé or tea with desired amount of chicken and lettuce asadoEnsalada tomateCafé or tea with edulcoranteCenaUna asadoVegetales cooked serving of fish or salad Paper1 Grapefruit, orange or tea with sweetener manzanaCafé


Background: It is based on a system of proteins that can consume a small amount of fat. It provides 800 to 1,200 calories a day and is designed to take only two semanas.Desventajas: Limit your intake of carbohydrates, and becomes inadequate and the low number creates energy imbalance that brings in people, in addition, the reduction is much of muscle mass and water, instead of fat.


Diet souchbeach 15. Diets high in protein and without carbohidratosEstas diets emphasizing protein foods like meat, eggs and dairy products, most also high in saturated fat. The organ responsible for filtering proteins is the kidney, and if overworked can cause kidney failure.


ATKINSFundamento: Obesity is caused by a malfunction in the metabolism of glucose and insulin, thereby eliminating carbohydrates for two weeks and then are incorporated paulatinamente.Ventaja: With no carbohydrates for energy use fat, leading to considerable loss of peso.Desventaja: Saying that the only cause of overweight is related only function of glucose has no scientific basis. Eliminating carbohydrates limits the supply of glucose to the brain, and use fat produces ketones which can cause acidosis.


THE ZONAFundamento: There is an area where cellular inflammation is under control. The main objective is to control silent inflammation in the body maintain hormonal control inflammatory and therefore a health óptimo.Ventaja: Splitting meals into fifths, consider the weight, physical activity and fat percentage to determine the amount of alimentos.Desventaja: The proportion of carbohydrates, protein and fat in 40-30-30. The total calories allowed is 1100, which is too low to generalize the entire population.


SANGUÍNEOFundamento GROUP: According to the blood group there are foods that are better tolerated than others. Follow a diet that the body does not assimilate well, can cause diseases such as obesity and cancer. Each blood type has allowed food and prohibidos.Ventaja: NingunaDesventaja: There is no scientific evidence to prove this theory. Give recommendations on what foods to eat and what to do a nutritional assessment jeopardizes the health of the person.


AsteriscosFundamento diet: Each asterisk is equal to a balanced food package comprising a yellow portion (carbohydrates), a red (protein), a blue (fat) and an orange. The green color is free.


Menu modeloDesayuno1 / 2 grapefruit 2 eggs with tomato, onion and green chile picado1 tortilla1 tsp corn oil or orange or 2 mañana1 canolaMedia ciruelasComidacaldo vegetables (free) ½ cup rice or frijolespollo verdeensalada vegetable sauce (free) gelatin dietaTarde2 plums or 1 apple or 10 cans of tuna uvasCena1 agualechuga, tomato, onion (free) 1 tbsp mayonnaise toast light2


DietlunaLa moon takes the influence of moon phases on our internal rhythm to remove fluid. It is a short but intense regime that serves to cleanse the body and allows you to lose two kilos a day or so. Fasting 25 hours with pure liquids, infusions of three types: diuretic, depurative and anti-inflammatory.


The ideal diet then is: God established in the Bible from the beginning, fruit and granos.Elena G. White, talks about diet, different books, and mentions God's plan for us.


Image of kids eating something healthy


Your health depends on small daily decisions that you choose ... BE DECIDED WELL ..!

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