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Do you remember "the old days", still?

Oct 18th 2010 at 2:40 AM

Just an other blog post...

Are you long enough around already to still remember a company called SQIP? That was about 20, 25 months ago and until about December 2008, January 2009 when it joined forces with the
GreenWin! Network.

That was the moment when "everything" changed!

While SQIPs focus was a Social Network with a tremendeous Instant Messenger as a center piece the new GreenWin! alliance had a much bigger vision, and bigger plans as well!

SQIP was about connecting people of that Network and trying to become a really big network, hoping to somewhat even scratch Facebooks size. Built around a technologically highly advanced Instant Messenger that included and combined all the major and best techniques of Skype, Yahoo!, MSN, AOL and other known Instant Messengers, and around it built a Shopping Mall, and other usefull day-to-day services.

Different GreenWin! Network now!

They wanted the world!

And as it looks they will get the world!

They set out from the beginning not only on an Industry #1 Instant Messenger that you needed to be part of the Network for to use it... they went straight to the Cell Phones and their users of which there are about 5 Billion in the world (yes, I said Billion, with a "B"!) and developed a technology to connect those Cell Phones vía a VoiP Service that is unstoppable even for governments and Telecom Companies in countries that would not want that to happen as it will most definitely decrease the wins of the local/national Telephone companies by multiple two digits. With that technology in place the oonly way to stop this greenWin Telecoms Service from having success would be by restricting, meaning canceling, the Internet access to Cell Phones all together. But not only that. They not only want to have people from all over the world talk to each other, they even made this very same company User or Member "owned" by giving out equity shares, non-tradable on the free market, and sold those so calles PEPs (Private Equity Points) in the beginning for an incredible low price that in the meantime has reched a value of €1,- per PEP, but is not sold anymore as the asigned amount ow PEPs has been distributed already. Who had the vision to see what this company, ex-SQIP, now GreenWin!, could become, who had the guts and the "change" (back then it was really only "change" that these equity shares were sold for!) to buy those Equity shares will soon be retiring purely on the dividends they will pay! But that's still a while ahead as GreenWin! has not yet launched their Telecoms Service even though selling 12-month subscribtions to it already since mid August.

Thing is that on the one hand there are very powerful forces and influential people "all over the place" that create(d) all kinds of legal and technical problems that had and have to be solved. On the other hand there is the founder, initiator, creator of SQIP/GreenWin! and the Telecoms Service that is a "perfectionist" and doesn't want to launch a product that might still suffer some "childrensicknesses" in the beginning and rather test and tweak everything up to the last i-point to then really launch a "perfect" product. That's the "Why" on te launch delays. Principally the product is ready since about two months. But with all these delays it's hard to "sell" anybody the idea of that this is really going to work and save people a lot of money on their phone bills. There are not many "visionaires" out there. Whereby it would be te perffect time to build ones Network already: By subscribing to the Telecoms Service of GreenWin! you automatically become an Afilliate of GrenWin! and are entitled to earn commission on every monetary activity of your referrals; ten levels deep!!! So, once you get your Network rolling and people refer more and more people to it as probably many of these 5 Billion Cell Phone users would want to not only save money on their phone bills but also "earn money without working for it", the earning will never stop, even if you wanted to stop it (but then again: Why would you want to do that?).

Have a look at these two videos here. Once you have watched both videos I have very little doubt that you will NOT sign up for this most amazing and industry shaking new Network and Telecoms Service.


... and then watch this one as it explains "to the point" what GreenWin! Network is all about and how the earning works:


Now, that you're done watching you can sign up either here through a quite informative Splash page or here at the Corporate Site of GreenWin!.

If you have any question, anything at all, please don't hesitate in contacting me @ s...@g...l.com

Let The Success Always Be With You!

Cheers from Lima, Peru

Thomas Jungblut


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