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Do you make money with your social network?

Aug 19th 2010 at 8:32 AM

PeopleString. 100% FREE. Earns You Money.
Monetized Social Networking, World's Most Advanced E-mail, and more.


If you haven't heard about PeopleString yet, get ready to be impressed with:

  • World-class e-mail: self-destructing e-mails, video e-mails, more.
  • Top-of-the-line social networking for teens, families and friends wanting to stay in touch, and even seasoned marketers.
  • Shopping that pays you back cash ... when you shop or when your friends shop!
  • A method for finally putting junk mail to good use.
  • A way to cash in on every one of these areas!
  • A way to cash in when other people cash in!
  • Plus, join my network and get professional automated training that quickly shows you how to start earning money with PeopleString and sharing it with others. And since it's automated, you can use this for your new String of contacts as well.
  • Everything is FREE. Even teenagers can join, build a network, and earn.

My Lifetime Earnings SO FAR (April 6, 2010): $68.


Why just e-mail when you can use the world's most advanced e-mail? PeopleString lets you send e-mail that self-destructs. It lets you send video e-mails and decide how many times they can be watched. It lets you send password protected e-mails. It even lets you track if your message has been read, and how many times.

You can get paid for using this totally exclusive technology, and again, get paid on the usage of others through 6 levels of referrals.


What if instead of just using Facebook, you got paid to use it? PeopleString is a social network that looks and works almost exactly like Facebook, but the more time you spend on it, the more ad revenue you help to create, which gets paid back to you. You don't have to even look at or click on ads!

And when you share PeopleString with others, you earn when they earn; and when their friends earn; and when their friends earn … through 6 levels!


You can also get paid cash back on all your online shopping. If you happen to use credit cards that also give you cash back, then you're doubling up! Again, get paid when your friends shop too -- and when their friends shop through 6 levels.


Take a quick survey and get paid $1.50. But that's nothing -- that survey gives permission for advertisers to reach out to you through postal mail, e-mail, and even 30-second videos. You could literally make $1 or more every day from going through your mail and inbox once this program gets rolling. Would you like to turn your mail into $30 or more per month?

As soon as you sign up, I'll send you to a web page that immediately catches you up on how to get started and how to make money. It shows you our team web page, where you can send people to explain PeopleString to them so that you can get started right away. It also shows you our team training page, where we have videos, sample e-mails to use, etc.

PLUS ... since it's as simple for me to send you to a single web page, it will be just as simple for you as you have people join your team. Send them this link and you will have done everything needed to help them succeed. This helps both you and them.

Everything about PeopleString is FREE. Join, e-mail, socialize, and earn. It's that simple.

Join PeopleString Today!

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