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I am a Christian, a father to a beautiful little girl. I like anything outdoors,hiking,camping,fishing,golfing.I am also a wellness coach who works with others to help them better there lives through top quality health,nutrition and personal care. Currently leading weight loss challenges here in White,Ga
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I apologize,I don,t get here much TY to all my followers. PLEASE check me out on FB and lets chat. God Bless
3 years ago

Do you like what your doing?

Dec 13th 2010 at 11:41 PM

Wuts up everybody. Hope ya'll are doing AWESOME! Me,I am trying to thaw out here in Nrth Ga. I think I am going to move to Aruba. Before I started networking fulltime I fumbled around with all sorts of different options,methods and ways of basically marketing. For me it seems my methods change daily due to the market but I find myself more and more an article marketer. I have my primary business plus a program that helps promote it with a built in Funded proposal. It gets a little easier each day. Not only am I becoming a better writer but I am learning and I enjoy it. I enjoy it because this is what I want to do. I ask people  all the time,Why are you here? I bet you can guess the what the number one answer is, Yep because of the money. Let me let you in on a little secret, if you are not enjoying what you are doing it's going to be hard for you to succeed. You have to want to do what your doing. If not it will be like forcing a square peg into a round hole and eventually you will just quit. So many people do this then think there failures. If they really stopped to look they would see what they really did was just walk away from something they did not enjoy doing. I tell the people who work out here because of the money,that's great  but how do you plan to get it? What process are you willing to commit to because that's what it takes commitment. Commitment and consistency. Those people who are here just for money usually get board with the process and quit. Do yourself a favor and really look into whatever business,job or opportunity you decide to start or take on. Don't worry about the income, that's like running before you can walk. See what process you have to follow to make it happen then decide if you are willing commit to it. Make sure it is something you will enjoy at any cost then the consistency of the process will just flow. And no matter what the outcome never see it as a failure. Look at it as an early attempt at success. Always use what your doing as a learning experience and take something away with you. This way you never lose.

Let me tell you one of my little stories of what happen to myself when I took off on one of my early attempt's at success. as I said I have tried all kinds of marketing methods and opportunities. One was a traditional MLM company. I talked to my sponsor for over a year before I finally decided to make a commitment. I knew about the company, I knew a little about there marketing method but my mistake was I stopped looking at the method when I started focusing on the money. I seen and heard the income potential. I seen and heard the people who were making this income. I became what I like to call money blind. Do not get me wrong wanting a better income is not bad,just don't jump the gun. I got enough money together to buy my way in a little further up there marketing ladder. My wife was hesitant but she agreed. This is where the fun began. Talking to 10 people a day,wearing my buttons,the phone calls,meetings at home,more phone calls. All part of there marketing method. All of which I was having trouble committing to. One of my sponsors, an awesome lady, invited me to a conference in California. This conference was going to change everything and my business would take off. I was not going to go but she helped me get a plane ticket,flew me to california,let me and some others stay in her home. The conference was Great. I came home ready to take my business to the next level. Back to wearing my buttons,talking to 10 people a day,more phone calls,home meetings. Long story short I could not commit to there marketing process. I tried but I honestly did not want to do it. I tried to follow what they told me to do but always ended up going in my own direction. In the end I lost all the money I spent getting into the business,I now owe my friend money for a plane ticket and I am right back were I started. All because I let the income potential get in my way of seeing the process I had to go through to get it.

Business is business it's always going to cost you. Just make sure it don't end up costing you more then it needs. ALWAYS make sure you are willing to commit to the process your business requires or your cost will become just spent money instead of an investment yielding you a return. Never be afraid to take a chance at succeeding or bettering yourself or you never will. Just make it easier on yourself  by learning a little about the procedure involved.  When you do, not only will your new venture become an enjoyable adventure but that ever illusive lifestyle so many of us are chasing will almost seem to come to you. If you don't well it will be like skydiving without a parachute. Not only will it hurt when you land but you will be broke. It's 2 am so let me shut up for now. Hope this helped and I look forward to our next post.

To your success and God Bless,

Bradley G aka Oposit

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