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Do You Have A Son And A Dog?

Sep 21st 2011 at 10:06 PM

If I could somehow convince you that you could make a fortune by video taping you and yours doing something funny, how long would it take you to start filming?

What if I told you that this isn?t a hypothetical scenario, but that a buddy of mine actually made over five thousand dollars this way? Would that light a fire under you?

About a month ago, my buddy Sam and I saw an eBook that claimed to teach anyone who read it how to become a viral marketing expert. The eBook is called Vital Viral and it contains 18 different viral methods. The eBook claims that these methods will work regardless of experience levels and on any website. Sam and I didn?t believe their claims so we decided to put the methods to the test.

The first method that we tried is called Using Viral Video. We figured that this would be the most fun method and a good place to start since videos are currently all the rage.

Using the methods explained in the book, Sam recorded a two minute video of his son playing with his dog and uploaded it to YouTube. Our goal was to forward people from the YouTube page directly to a sales page.

We optimized not only the video, but his YouTube profile page, his landing page, his sales page and just about everything else that the eBook told us to. We followed the instructions exactly, leaving nothing to chance.

Sam says he expected it, but I know I was shocked to see a drastic increase in the traffic the sales page got after just a couple of days. For some weird reason, people loved the video of his son and dog. People were watching it and forwarding it on to their friends like it was a hot potato. I couldn?t imagine why so many people cared so much, but they apparently did.

By the time the traffic started dying down, we decided to scrap the idea of testing all 18 methods. Since the first one we tried worked so well, we decided to focus our attention on creating more videos and driving as much traffic as we could we them. If that starts to fail, then maybe we?ll go on to method number 2. For now though, why would we bother?

If you want to see what Vital Viral can do for you, click on this link: http://profit.exofire.net/vitalviral/



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