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Do Not Join $99 GetAways Until You Read This Review!

Oct 21st 2010 at 9:56 AM My fingers are beginning to cramp up on me...just from reviewing the new travel MLMs that are launching! $99 GetAways is the newest - in pre-launch as I write this. I am not joining but I took a look so that I could provide you with as many facts as I could glean so that you can make an educated decision whether or not to spend your hard-earned money on $99

or not.

What Exactly Is $99 Get Aways?

Simply, $99 GetAways is a new Travel MLM by Randall Williams. Randall was the creator/founder of Dream Style Vacation Club that has kind of fizzled out during the year. Randall is a master marketer, and is very good at creating hype, so I have no doubt that $ will generate momentum leading up to launch. My concern would be what happens after the launch. The $99GetAways product is a travel club membership that offers vacations starting at only $99. Not every vacation is $99, but that is the starting point. From my experience, I would guess that the majority of the cheap vacations are at Timeshare Resorts that are having difficulty booking their rooms due to the lousy economy. A great deal, and the site says that these vacations are not available anywhere else on the internet.

How Much Does $99 GetAways Cost To Join?

The cost to join $99 GetAways is $265 one-time. $250 for the membership and $15 for shipping and handling.

What Is The $99 GetAways Compensation Plan?

The compensation plan is structured as a 2x3 matrix. I can not tell how many matrices that there are from the pre-launch site, but the marketing material states that you can "Pocket $1000 Plus over and over". This would tell me that there are 2 matrices to complete. Typically, these plans require that you sponsor 2 people to qualify to earn commissions. It takes a total of 7 people (you plus 6 others) to fill your 2x3 and cycle. If you can sponsor people and the people that you sponsor can bring in people, you can cycle very quickly. If you are slow to recruit and the people you bring in just sit there and don't do any work, then it will take you a very long time to make any money!


Like I mentioned earlier, I have no doubt that a tremendous amount of "hype" and "momentum" will be created for $99 GetAways before the official launch. It does seem affiliated in a way with Dream Style Vacation Club (other than being run by the same guy) as the Dream Style logo is right on the sales page. If the business will have any staying power after launch will remain to be seen. As you may or may not know, how much money you make in the MLM industry is not due to the company that you are with but rather, whether or not you know how to market that business. So many people like hopping from program to program because it seems exciting and this new company will FINALLY be the one that will work for them. This "non-strategy" is a complete waste of time and money. Learn how to market and you will absolutely LOVE this industry!

To See How To Market Your $99 GetAways Business (or Any MLM For That Matter) & Finally CASH IN BIG...


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