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DIY Preventative Care for Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sep 29th 2015 at 2:51 AM


Between the brilliant lustre, easy wearability, and all-around versatility in mixing and matching with ensembles, it’s easy to see why sterling silver jewellery is one of the most popular among men and women. But many owners neglect their silver jewellery – truly, a shame considering that these pieces are easy on the eyes, easy to care for, and easy to wear.

Fortunately, you can take better care of your own silver fashion jewellery in a few easy preventative steps. Just think of it as akin to cleaning your silver cutlery and you have it made, so to speak.

Preventative Measures

The simplest way to avoid tarnishing silver jewellery is to wear it as often as possible. This is because the oils in your skin act as a natural cleanser for the silver, thus, keeping it looking as shiny as possible for several years. Besides, the best silver jewellery especially Art Deco jewellery can give gold and platinum jewellery a run for their money.

Silver jewellery is susceptible to corrosion and tarnish especially when exposed to certain chemicals including:


  • Household chemicals including cleansers

  • Personal body car products including lotions, creams, and hair products

  • Rubber

  • Chlorinated water

  • Sulfur-infused substances, such as eggs, mustard, mayonnaise, onions, latex, and wool


As a result, it is always an excellent idea to remove your silver jewellery when performing household chores, swimming in pools and seas, and even when handling the abovementioned food items. Since direct sunlight can also speed up tarnishing, it is best to remove silver jewellery before sunbathing. Be sure to put on silver jewellery last when dressing up after bathing to reduce direct and immediate contact with personal body care products.

Store silver jewelry in airtight plastic bags with each piece in a separate bag since silver is a soft metal, thus, scratching is a possibility. When airtight plastic bags are unavailable, you can also place a packet of activated charcoal, or a piece of chalk, or a container of silica gel in the jewelry box to minimise tarnish.

Polish the Silver

Regular polishing of silver jewelry is also a must, both the DIY and professional types. You have to use microfiber, lint-free flannel, or a soft non-abrasive cloth for polishing the items but apply long back-and-forth motions. Rubbing in circles is a no-no since the tiny scratches can be magnified; silver is a soft metal so care must be adopted in ensuring that scratches are minimised.

When you have little time for DIY cleaning or when the silver jewellery is too valuable or too fragile, then a professional cleaning job is a must.

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