Disruptive Technologies which Become Customary

Dec 27th 2015 at 8:27 PM

A disruptive technology can be defined as a brand new technology which emerges unexpectedly and replaces the established and customary one. Some of them can become popular and well-known ones being subjected to successive upgrading, and some of them may lack a little refinement and be familiar to a limited group of people. We will observe a few tech novelties which have proven practical application and became habitual ones for many people across the globe.

1. Mobile Internet. Mobile devices become more and more capable and quite inexpensive. Web connection, however, brings special benefits to a great variety of areas. Remote health monitoring, mobile banking platforms, and other convenient things for modern people have become possible thanks to mobile Internet. By the way, most users around the world use social media accounts through their mobile phones and other portative gadgets with internet connection. It is also easy to publish a ready guest post or an article through a tablet or a phone.

2. Sophisticated Robotics. This promising area corresponds to greatly capable robotic tools with extreme intelligence, dexterity and sensibility. Such robots can perform tasks and do great many kinds of job instead of people. However, some experts say this is uneconomical to automate robots and there is s risk that some popular professions will become unnecessary. Nevertheless this technology can bring impressive benefits to society.

3. 3D Printing. Printing successive layers of material based on digital models become more and more accessible for many people thanks to 3D printing. This technology can be used in organs bioprinting, tool, mold and product manufacturing, and many other spheres. If any new materials with different properties will be used for 3D printing, it is going to give people a great variety of possibilities.

4. Cloud. This technology is already a well known one and it means that hardware and software resources are used to provide services over the whole web or a certain network. Information is accessible from any place because it is stored in a cloud. It also helps to keep data safe from unauthorized access.

5. Cutting-Edge Materials. These materials are used in numerous industries and boast superior qualities. They may have extreme strength, crashworthiness, thermal-tolerance, conductivity or even self-healing abilities.

6. Autonomous or Semi-Autonomous vehicles. These vehicles operate and navigate autonomously or near-autonomously and use advanced sensors and systems of communication. They don’t require any people’s intrusion or may require it only once in a way.

7. Next Generation Storage. There are physical systems and energy-storage devices which can save energy for later usage. Such technologies include lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells and some other things which are successfully applied for powering hybrid vehicles, electric vehicles, consumer electronics, and so on.

All of these things are evolving every day to improve a wide list of industry branches. People using advanced technologies feel more comfortable while working, staying home, traveling, or doing some other casual things. The world of technologies being applied in different spheres of life makes people’s life easier. This amazing world really becomes more and more sophisticated one every single day.

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