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8 months ago

Discovering How You Control Your Conscious Attitudes to Influence Your Subconscious Forces

Dec 11th 2010 at 7:06 PM

Your waking mind is the decider in your life. But the biggest power you have is residing in your subconscious mind, because the subconscious is where your thinking connects to the creative forces of the LOA that create your life experience.

It is very exciting to see more and more folk realizing that they can utterly transform their lives and create the future they have always wanted simply by controlling the dominant thoughts and psychological angles that they permit to reside in their thinking mind. The truth that thoughts are things is one that may allow you to have complete liberty in your life.

realizing that what you think most about will become the grim reality of your life, does it not seem clever to only give thought to the things which you want? I know many of us will say that it's not possible to think positively all of the time, and while it could be difficult, I'm sure that it is possible.

But it doesn't occur overnite, but instead it needs practice and determination. You've got to think of negative attitudes and thoughts as darkness in a room. What happens when you put a light in a dark room? Do you have darkness and light?

glaringly not, darkness can't reside in the same place that light can, and light straight away gets rid of the darkness around it. This is the same way with our thoughts. Negative feelings are darkness, and positively charged thoughts are the light which will melt all of the unproductive thoughts.

every time you replace a unproductive thought with a positive one you add some light into the room. The more positively empowered thoughts you suspect, and the longer you keep positive angles in your mind, the less and less destructive thoughts will continue to show up.

Over time you will get to a point where your dominant mental approach is positive. This does not mean that tiny disturbances will not come up and negative thoughts will try and crawl in once and awhile.

But they will not have a similar effect that they had before, because they won't be controlling your life. We can't always control every circumstance in our life, but what we can control is how we react to it. React certainly and watch the darkness gradually disappear.

The less negativity there is in your wits the less negativism you will see showing up in your life. By committing yourself to positive thinking, you can completely transform your life and you may have, can do, and can be everything that you have ever dreamt.

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Oct 29th 2013 at 11:57 PM by foxychops

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