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Discover The Most Powerful FREE Advertising System Ever Created In The History Of Internet Marketing

Jun 26th 2011 at 8:29 AM


Think You're Using
The RIGHT TOOL For The Right Job?


Get the right tool to generate leads for your online business now!

Proven leads generation system
Serving more than 30,000 marketers
More than 3 million leads delivered
More than 100 testimonials received

Discover The Most Powerful FREE Advertising System Ever Created In The History Of Internet Marketing

At LeadsLeap, you can build your own leads, advertise on our network for FREE and use our "proprietary" marketing tools that you can't get elsewhere.

Dear Lead-Partner-To-Be,

Let's make this a quick one.

With all the testimonials you see on this page, I believe you know something good is awaiting for you.

My job here is to explain to you how it works and what you can expect from the system.

Ready? Let's start......

What Is LeadsLeap?

First, let me first tell you what LeadsLeap is NOT.

LeadsLeap is not a safelist where everyone emails everyone and everyone's email is flooded.

Neither is LeadsLeap a system where uplines email downlines and all downlines' emails get flooded.

LeadsLeap is also not a system where you have to login to your account everyday to view other people's ads and earn credits.

LeadsLeap is a system where you can build leads and post PPC ad for FREE, without having your mailbox being flooded with email ads!

Before I Show You How LeadsLeap Works, Let's Look At A PROVEN And POWERFUL Advertising System . . . . Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising has been proven to be an effective advertising model.

It's been proven that while people are reading the information they want, they are also interested in looking at the text advertisements and find out if those advertisements can give them more information they desire.

Google understands this fact and they came out with probably the first contextual advertising program called Google Adword. We all know how successful Google Adword is.

Now, how about......

Viral Contextual Advertising

What would happen if we combine contextual advertising with a 10-levels network lead generation system?

Don't understand what I mean?

Imagine this....

Imagine that you manage to add 4 people to your network at LeadsLeap. These 4 people in turn refer 4 other people each and so on. With our 10-level lead generation system, this is what your network could look like in no time:

If you think this is another safelist saga, let me assure you that it is not!

In LeadsLeap system, you are NOT going to blast your ads to these 1,398,100 leads.

That doesn't work!

Remember, NO ONE likes to read ads. What they want are information - information that can help them to make more money and become more successful.

Our job is to give them high quality information FOR FREE.

From time to time, we will send them our newsletters on topics related to making money online. That's a BIG topic because it covers from affiliate marketing, Adsense website creation all the way to online MLM and ebook publishing.



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