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Discover Instant Cash Flow with PLR

Apr 29th 2014 at 5:23 PM

PLR or Private Label Rights content has been around for a while now, and there are those who make a good living with it. In fact, a good number of people make a great deal of money with PLR. But that’s not the case with everybody.

Some people purchase PLR and never use it. It won’t do you any good if it stays stored on your computer. In order to get instant cash flow with PLR, you need to put it online. Let’s look at some ways that you can do it.

But First Things First: What Is PLR?

PLR is content that a person creates and sells. Hundreds or even thousands of persons will buy it. The buyers can then edit it and use it in a variety of applications.

You’ll find PLR in every niche you can think of, and you’ll find that it’s used in a number of different ways. You’ll find PLR in the form of EBooks, Ecourses, blog posts, email series, articles, and reports.

Before you use the PLR you obtain, you’ll want to check the terms of usage. See what you’ll be able to do with it before giving it a makeover. With some PLR there are no restrictions on how it’s used, whereas with some you’re limited in what you can do. It’s always best to check beforehand.

The ideal PLR to obtain is content with unrestricted rights. That way you’ll enjoy a wide range of freedom on how you use it. You’ll also be able to sell the rights to other marketers. When you provide PLR, as well as buy it, your profits will be much greater.

Prepare Your PLR Ahead of Time

While PLR can be sold “as is” after you obtain it, you’re better off to put a personal touch on it. You’ll do far better in your marketing efforts if you personalize it. But that requires some forethought. So don’t be too quick to put it online. Rather, take a good look at your PLR and devise a plan of action.

Take the time to look at the articles, reports and EBooks that you have. Again, check the terms and proceed. Can you break some of your EBooks into articles? How about creating some free reports with a few tweaks that’ll personalize it?

You’ll also want to view video content, as well as listening to audio content. Think of how you might be able to make changes to personalize it. Give thought to how you can market the content.

After you’ve done that, you’ll be in a position to put it online and reap instant cash flow. So don’t waste any time in getting the process going. If you have stored PLR, get it off your computer and online.

Create Your Own Products

While going through your PLR, you’ll want to think about creating your own products. It’s a good way to create instant cash flow, and at the same time to brand yourself.

Here are some things you can do:

· Convert an Ecourse into an email series

· Create an EBook out of some articles

· Produce videos or audios from articles or EBooks

There are a few ideas to get you started. Now be sure the content is current. Techniques and methods change and you don’t want to create something that’s completely out of date. That’s where your research and thought comes in. Check the content carefully before creating it.

As you edit the content make sure you change over any affiliate links to your personal links, and put your name on the content.

Outsource your project: What may be running through your mind right now is that creating your own product is quite difficult. And yes, it does take some effort, but it’s not really all that hard to do. These days you can outsource some or all of your content creation. It makes the entire process a whole lot easier.

If you choose to outsource the entire project, do some research at sites like Fiverr or Elance. There you’ll find people who can handle anything you need. At Fiverr you can even find people who’ll do various projects for five bucks! So don’t hesitate to outsource your content creation.

Get Your New PLR Content Online

Once you get your content created it’s time to get it online and in the hands of prospects and customers. How can you do it?

Following are some ideas:

· Post created content to your blog

· Create a landing page to advertise it (Can be outsourced)

· Put together your own Kindle book (Again, this can be outsourced)

· Create video content and post it to YouTube (Can also be outsourced)

· Post excerpts of the content on social media

· Give it away in the form of free reports or Ecourses

There you have some ideas on how to get your PLR online and in the hands of prospects and customers. Make sure that you also include your unique affiliate links in your PLR content.

Discover Instant Cash Flow

When you get in the swing of producing your own content, you’ll be able to create a new product or two each month. Instant and ongoing cash flow will be the result. Your prospects and customers will love it. People are always looking for unique content, and you can be the source.

There’s plenty of good quality PLR to choose from when it comes to content creation. And there’s so much you can do with it.

For example, take note of what can be done with a single EBook:

  1. Create dozens of blog posts
  2. Use the content for autoresponder messages
  3. Turn it into several free reports
  4. Transform it into videos
  5. Create audio content

And that’s just one EBook! Imagine the cash flow you can produce with vast amounts of PLR! Now let’s go back to the EBook for a moment. Like that EBook, you can repurpose PLR in a variety of ways. There are thousands of PLR selections to choose from, so use your imagination and put your PLR online. Discover the instant cash flow of PLR.

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