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Discover Hidden Gems in PLR Content

Jan 31st 2014 at 8:22 PM

If you’re to succeed online you have to offer great content on a regular basis. When people want information they generally go online to get it. That’s where you come in. You want people in your market to view YOU as an authority. You want them to come after YOUR content.

As you probably know, producing content isn’t easy. Two problems confront those who need a constant flow of content.

  1. Putting it together from scratch is difficult to do and it’s time consuming
  2. Outsourcing to have it done can be quite costly

With those two problems in view, what can you do? You can take advantage of a THIRD OPTION. This option allows you to make use of already created content for little or no money. What is it? It’s PLR content.

If you’ve been around Internet marketing for any length of time, then you’ve probably heard about PLR. You may even have some PLR content somewhere on your hard drive. PLR content can be a wonderful way to offer a steady flow of content to your prospects and customers.

We’re going to explore the vast possibilities of PLR, and at the same time we’re going to take a look at what it is, what you can do with it, and where you can get it.

What Is PLR Content?

PLR is an abbreviation for “Private Label Rights” content. PLR content is digital content that comes in the form of ebooks, articles, software, graphics, and more. The content is delivered in a file that allows you to edit it and to use it in various ways.

PLR can be purchased and used or resold by the person who originally purchased it. But you’ll always need to check your license agreement, because depending on the license, there are certain things you can and cannot do with it. Each package has it own set of unique rules. So know what you can do with it ahead of time.

What you have with PLR is an easy way to create your own products. The best way to see what’s available is to visit some PLR sites and look around. You’ll be amazed at how much content there is, along with the variety.

The nice thing about many PLR sites is that you can get free instant access. And some will allow you to join free, if that’s what you choose to do. When you visit PLR sites you’ll see the vast potential of product ideas. But then you need to know what to do with all that great content, right? So let’s explore it.

What Can You Do With It?

In most cases you’ll be able to produce a variety of products with the PLR content. For example, if your license agreement allows, you can take an article series and turn it into a free report. Or you could obtain an ebook and turn it into a series of articles for your blog. Another possibility is taking a video series and making it your own with a few changes.

Here are some other ideas of how you can turn PLR content in cash:

  • Repurpose articles for your blog, newsletter or ezine
  • Put together an ecourse from a series of PLR articles
  • Create your own ebooks
  • Create your own digital products
  • Produce your own videos, podcasts or webinars
  • Re-bundle PLR products and sell a unique package

You can see the potential for creating your own products! You’ll also be glad to know that you can sell many of the products as is. Many PLR sites have training modules showing how it can be done. But once again, before doing anything, examine closely the license agreement and adhere to the rules of that particular product.

Hopefully, you understand the potential here. By means of PLR products, you can quickly and easily create your own products. You can also see how this solves the previously mentioned problems of creating a product from scratch or outsourcing to have a product created.

Tapping into good PLR sources will save you time and money. And as you scan the multitude of PLR products available, you’ll get a number of product creation ideas. Now you need to know where to find it.

Locating Good PLR Sources

There are many good sources of PLR content online. Membership sites are among the most popular sources and they offer a wide variety of PLR content. In many cases you’ll be able to get a free membership. This will allow you to look around a bit in order to decide whether you want to upgrade to a paid membership.

At this point you may wonder: ‘What’s the difference between a free membership and a paid one?’ With both types of membership you’re going to get some great PLR content. However, the advantage of a paid membership will give you a ton more choices when it comes to sheer quantity. You’ll have far more products to choose from, which translates into more ideas and cash flow.

Here’s something to keep in mind: Paid memberships are generally quite reasonable and well worth the investment. Of course, the best thing to do is go to some PLR sites and have a look around.

Here are a few PLR membership sites to get you started:

Go in and take a look around. See what they have to offer. Then, check the options of paid membership verses free. Weigh it out, choose the appropriate membership for your circumstances and get started.


It won’t take long and you’ll find yourself downloading a lot of content. Much of it you’ll want to use for your own education! That’s great because there’s a lot good content that will teach you much about marketing. You’ll find articles, ebooks and video lessons on just about any marketing topic you can think of. So get in there and grab some content!

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