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Jul 10th 2012 at 11:39 PM

I see this, or something similar very often, and it usually has to be cleaned up by a moderator or leads to undeserved since many people think to themselves´╝îI don't necessarily think that the privilege to comment should be given immediately. Here is my Jordan 4 Mars 2012 suggestion: say 3. This should help reduce the occurrence of the above situation, while preserving the fact that commenting extensively is a community privilege.

You could do it in five minutes with a single answer, or maybe a day with a few answers. it's there to make sure new users are sufficiently indoctrinated to how the engine works in order to properly use the new features that are unlocked for them. The potential for abuse here is just massive, since we don't Military Blue 4S require registration. My chief concern is that it would add an undue overhead to moderators, and potentially annoy the community with lots of cheap Nike shoes and Rolex watches.

I see your point, and I see quite a few well articulated 'answers' that are actually requests for clarification. If a spam post is made as a question or answer, the question itself is bumped to the front page due to the activity giving an opportunity for people to see it. If it is indeed spam or just doesn belong, it could be flagged, closed, deleted, edited, what have you. If it is a comment, Olympic 7 2012 just about all the benefits I had just mentioned are nullified. The community can only flag the comment but otherwise a moderator would have to come in and clean it up.

What's to stop them from registering another account to post X more comments? Do we really want them to start spamming in the comments? When you're recruited as the junior most Jordan 7 Bordeaux 2011 member in an already established team with their own practices and several senior members, you don't start your first day by dishing out your opinions and comments.

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