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Directory Submission Tips

Jul 1st 2010 at 3:50 PM

Directories used to be an easy way for SEOs to achieve higher Google rankings but Google stepped in to ensure that directory submission would no longer be abused. Generic directories that exist solely for selling links possess a big minus in Google’s eyes because they provide little value to users. Google wants to provide users with value so it’s no surprise that Google devalues links submitted to sub-par directories.

In order to get started with directory submission, you need to search for directories in your niche on one of the major search engines. If you find relevant directories that are well maintained, rank highly on Google, that is a good sign. Directories that have search engine trust are usually worth buying links from. Avoid free directories if possible because they tend not to have a good reputation in search engine land. However, there are exceptions to this rule of course.

And if you want to stay on Google’s good side, avoid submitting to several directories at once. Space out your submissions over a period of many months. Search engines are well aware of the fact that SEOs use directory submissions as a way to build links and boost page ranking so keep your tactics low-key to avoid being penalized. For example, don’t use similar anchors and descriptions on every directory submission. Try varying your directory listings a bit to make your efforts seem less obvious. Make sure your anchor text includes your business name. Don’t use a target keyword alone because it looks suspicious.

Another way you can determine the quality of a directory is by checking the submissions and seeing if there are any good sites there. If you only find links to low quality, low ranking sites, it is a sign that the directory is probably not worth your time. You should also check the crawl date of the index page and another page in the directory because if it has been over a month, chances are that search engines don’t trust that particular directory. Search engines like Google make manual adjustments in order to devalue links from spammy directories.

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