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DirectNetPartners Tobacco Affiliate Program

Feb 2nd 2014 at 1:29 PM



Tax Free Tobacco Delivery World Wide!

Thanks for joining the elite Direct Net Partners affiliate network. We offer our partners a dynamic, supportive environment in which they can grow a lucrative online presence using the top converting duty free products available online. Our luxury item lines are among the most popular on the Web, and cover a variety of market niches, thus opening our affiliates up to new high traffic sources. The niches we cover include all aspects of duty free sales: cigarettes, tobacco, cigars, perfumes, and cosmetics. As a member of the Direct Net Partners network, you receive the backing of a dedicated account representative, plus marketing tools and real-time reports that make managing your interests easy. Our traffic is the highest converting in the industry and our terms are the best - guaranteed. Between our best-seller products, our accessible customer support, and our collection of easy-to-use marketing tools, plus the fact that we always pay on-time, Direct Net Partners truly is the network for any affiliate serious about taking its online stake.

Earn More Easily – Introducing Our Second Tier Commission Plan!

Direct Net Partners is happy to announce the launch of a rewarding second tier commission plan where you can make even more than before by referring friends to our CPA Affiliate Network. Want to earn up to 10% of your referred affiliates’ payouts? Here is how it works: Earn Up to 10% of Your Friends’ Payouts: Invite friends to sign up and join the Direct Net Partners affiliate network by sharing this link which already includes your Affiliate ID. To extend your referral potential we invite you to share this link on affiliate forums and sites, blog posts and the like. Another way to refer new affiliates to us is to ask your joining friends to mention your contact details to the affiliate manager when they sign up.

That's it - once your friends join us and begin to generate sales you will receive up to 10% of their total payouts on an ongoing basis. You will be able to track your second tier commission data on the Stats page in a separate section we have included for this purpose.* Please note that the 2nd-tier commission is based on direct referrals only (you will not be entitled to commissions from affiliates brought in by your own direct referrals).

How It Works

You bring in the potential customers; we convert those potentials into buyers. Ours are guaranteed to be the highest conversion rates in the industry, and our product lines the most popular. We offer a range of payment options and card processing, global shipping, and end-customer support. We pay out commissions weekly – on every order completed, and on return buyer orders. Plus we take no deductions on refunds or charge backs! You will be hard pressed to find another affiliate program providing such lucrative commissions! Our affiliates incur no wire costs or fees and enjoy a low payout threshold. Affiliates receive their commissions every week, after a 2-day hold period for billing purposes via wire transfer, Paxum, WebMoney and EPESE. All of our payouts are guaranteed to be on-time, discreet, and secure.


As our affiliates, you must agree to the terms and rules set in our Affiliate Agreement Any deviation on your behalf will result in the closure of your account and loss of all monies due.

What products do you offer?

We offer Duty Free products in the following categories:

  • Duty Free Brand Name Cigarettes Our brand name cigarettes are highly attractive to your customers and can be purchased completely tax free, from the convenience of their own home. We provide original, highest quality items from leading countries of manufacture. High sales combined with high commissions translate into high profits and off the charts earnings. The online tobacco market is one of the most rapidly expanding industries in the internet commerce world. With cigarette prices rising all over the world, the substantial savings that we provide on our duty free products make this a very competitive and lucrative niche. In addition to this, since most tobacco customers tend to make repeat purchases, our affiliates have the opportunity to earn ongoing revenue on each visitor that they refer.
  • Duty Free Rolling Tobacco The best in quality rolling tobacco, the same sold in specialty smoking shops, can be made available for purchase on your duty free site(s) . Keep your customers coming back for more. This market niche appeals to a very select crowd of consumers, looking for those particular brands which they know and love - Old Holborn Yellow Rolling Tobacco; George Karelias & Sons Rolling Tobacco... These and others round out a continually growing selection of premium tobacco for smokers with discerning tastes.
  • Duty Free Cigars For your customers who appreciate the finer things in life, there are a number of world class cigars offered within our Duty Free product lines. Montecristo, Backwoods, Perdomo and more are just a few of the brands we carry for those with discerning tastes. According to recent reports, alternative forms of tobacco, including cigars, have slowly but steadily been catching up to cigarettes in popularity. This growing market niche is one which has extraordinary earning potential for affiliates, and is an ideal complement to more traditional cigarette and tobacco offerings.
  • Duty Free Fragrances Immensely popular with both males and females, designer perfumes provide affiliates with another strong niche from which to pull in the conversions. CK, St. Dupont, Chanel and Lacoste are just a few of the sought after brand name fragrances which you can offer your buyers. As hot sellers of the luxury item market, fragrances are perfect profit drivers year-round, with consumers purchasing them as gifts during the holidays, and as self-pampering during the regular season.
  • Duty Free Cosmetics These luxury cosmetic items cater to your customers’ love of pampering. They are hot sells and easy money makers. Loreal, Clinique, Estee Lauder and others are some of the well known brands available via the Duty Free site. Cosmetic is a major market, and consumers are always on the look-out for good deals. For the affiliate interested in filling out his online offerings, cosmetics is a great complement to other luxury item offerings.

Do you allow bulk mailing?

  • We allow affiliates to work with targeted opt-in mailing lists. Any affiliate sending unsolicited spam will lose their commissions and their partnership with Direct Net Partners will be terminated.

Do you accept PPC traffic?

  • Yes. Pay Per Click traffic is completely legal and therefore we accept and nurture it. Over the years, we have gained experience in this field, and acquired demographics data to help our affiliates with their PPC advertising, thus increasing their commissions.

Do you accept grey SEO traffic?

  • Yes. We accept all types of SEO traffic. Our goal is to make it as convenient as possible for SEO marketers to participate in our affiliate network. If you know your way around Search Engine Optimization, you will make huge profits with Direct Net Partners.

What tools do you make available for affiliates?

  • We offer a very wide range of tools such as top converting sites, landing pages, banners, coupon codes, and detailed traffic reports. All tools are free of charge. All of these tools are available here in the backend interface.

Can I get my own site?

  • Dedicated sites, also called white labels, are one of our strongest marketing tools. We provide them to high rolling affiliates upon request. A white label is a site hosted by us, dedicated to the use of only one affiliate. The domain may be owned by us or by you.

Can I control the prices or offer my clients a discount?

  • We set the product prices, but you can give your clients a discount. You will find a coupon code among the marketing tools that are available in your back - office. This coupon offers a 3% to 5% discount to your customers.

Commissions and payouts

How do you structure my commission? Direct Net Partners currently offers the following commission track: RevShare track: 15% to 25% revenue share on every approved order (both new and returning) of duty-free brand-name cigarettes, cigars & tobacco, perfumes and cosmetics. Here are the various commission percentages for each tier of approved sales amount: $1 - $1499 => 15% $1500 - $9999 => 20% $10,000 and above => 25%

Do I get paid for promotional upgrades?

  • Yes you do. For every up sell a client makes, you will get a full commission.

How does the order's shipping fee affect my commission?

  • You do not get commissions on shipping fees.

How do pending orders affect my commission?

Orders may pend for some time, thus we pay commission for orders approved within a certain period, and not on simply all orders entered within it. Commission rates are continually updated during a period, based on the amount of approved orders. To see final commission rates and amounts, check the commissions after a period ends.

What is the payout period and how soon do I get paid after it is concluded?

  • Periods are from Monday through Sunday
  • Payouts for each period occur 2 days later, on Wednesday. Example: for Monday 06-Sep-2010 through Sunday 12-Sep-2010 payout is Wednesday 15-Sep-2010.
  • You can request to be paid twice a week. Simply make the request to your affiliate manager.

What are the payout methods?

  • Payout methods: Wire, ACH, Check, PayPal, Paxum, Webmoney, Epese.
  • Payout information is updated by Monday 23:59 GMT. All updates after this hour only affect the next week’s payout.
  • Paxum payments exceeding $3000 are sent in installments over a number of days.

What is the payout minimum?

  • Minimum payout is dependent upon selected payout type: Wire - $500; ACH - $100; Check - $100; PayPal - $100; Paxum - $150; Webmoney - $150; Epese - $150.
  • If amount is less than minimum required, amount will roll over to next period.

Who covers the payout fees?

  • Direct Net Partners covers all outgoing fees. NOTE: In the case of Bank Transfers, there may be additional fees applied by your own beneficiary bank. Direct Net Partners does not cover those.

How do you track visitors and orders?


  • We use a 365-day cookie with your affiliate id (AID) + campaign name (TID) which is embedded in the cookie.
  • A client returning to the original purchase site, without any new affiliate id in the URL, will activate the cookie. The clicks and orders of the client will be then attributed to you, and the client’s cookie will be extended to last another 365 days.
  • A client returning to the original purchase site, but referred by a different affiliate (i.e. carrying a new affiliate id within the URL) will be attributed to the new AID.


  • We count sessions from Unique IPs in a 24-hour timeframe.
  • Multiple sessions from a unique IP within a 24-hour timeframe are counted as multiple clicks (multiple visitors/clients).

Link structure

  • To see all our bestselling products clients must come with your affiliate ID in the URL.
  • Correct links are generated by the link generator and carry your Affiliate ID (AID).
  • Returning visitors will see all the products even if they come without your aid in the url because they will activate the cookie with your aid.

What are the possible order statuses?

  • Order pending — all orders begin as pending (NO commission).
  • Order approved — order is approved (YES commission).
  • Order failed — order has failed (NO commission).

Orders remain "Pending" until final Approval / Decline. Orders may take up to 30 minutes to appear in your stats page

What are the possible order types?

There are 2 order types (relevant only for approved orders):

  • New – a new client came to the site and ordered. From our history the client did not have past orders with you.
  • Reorder – a client ordered with you in the past and now placed another order. From our history the client had past orders with you.

What is the shipping time?

  • Shipping times and methods depend on the product and the client's location.
  • Since we show different shipping options depending on the client's IP, the best way to get all the shipping options is to generate a "Detailed Product List" in using your Links Generator.

What are the shipping fees?

  • There may or may not be a shipping fee-depending on the product/site.
  • Each product carries an individual shipping fee.
  • Products are shipped individually, and may arrive in more than one package (relevant for cart orders).
  • You do not get commissions on shipping fees.

What is your client satisfaction policy and how does it affect affiliates?

  • In the case that clients are not satisfied with their products, we guarantee a free reship or a full refund. The refunds (and chargebacks if they ever occur) are NOT deducted from your profits.

What customer support do you offer and how can you be reached?

  • Customer support contact details are available on our sites.
  • We send out detailed confirmation emails containing the order status and customer support contact details.
  • Clients can reach us by email or phone from Monday to Friday.
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