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DirectCPV Cost Per View Advertising

Oct 17th 2010 at 8:16 PM

What is DirectCPV ?
DirectCPV is an advertising network based in Canada, their business model is delivering targeted contextual advertising using the CPV ( Cost per view ) or PPV ( Pay per view ) method.

What Is CPV?
CPV stands for Cost Per View, it’s also referred as PPV or Pay Per View. CPV is one of the fastest growing advertising networks online.

The CPV model works on a similar principle like the Google Adwords, the only difference is that with Google adwords you pay per click and with the CPV ad work you pay per view. The CPV model charges you when someone views your site or your landing page.

How does DirectCPV work ?
With Direct CPV you can set up an account with only $100, whereas other ad networks will charge you a higher amount to get started. The low set up cost for DirectCPV makes it lucrative and affordable for blogger and affiliate marketers to use this service to get more traffic to their web business.


Why should I use DirectCPV ?
1- Low Deposit Amount
You can start promoting your websites or your affiliate sites by depositing only $100 which you set up when you initially open an account with DirectCPV. The initial set up cost is much less than the competitive networks which will charge you a higher deposit to activate your account. You also get a $25 in FREE traffic on your first deposit of $100. Use bonus code CPV 25 when you register.

2- Low Cost Bids
Direct CPV makes campaign costs more affordable than other advertising networks.

For example: According to Google Adwords you can set up an Adwords account with a minimum bid of 5 cents, but if you try to set up bids for 5 cents, you’ll get a message saying the bid is too low. If you are in a competitive market your bid amount per keyword will be anywhere from $2 to $10 maybe even higher. With DirectCPV you can actually start the bid as low as 1 cent, which means that you’ll get more users for a less price.

If you are running an affiliate cost per lead offer that pays you $4 per lead, in order to break even with a 5 cent CPC Google ads you will have to convert 1 user every 80 users to break even, with a DirectCPV campaign you’ll have to convert 1 user for every 400 users. With DirectCPV your chances of conversion are higher since the bid is much lower.

3- Target Your Audience
With DirectCPV you can effectively target your audience based on specific keywords, URL, countries and channels. The told provided by DirectCPV will help understand your market and audience much better.

4- Great Support and Control
You have complete control over your ad campaign, but if you have any problems with set up DirectCPV has expert account managers who will help set up your creative elements, help you target your ad effectively and also help you in the bidding strategy.

If you are a publisher you can sign up for with DirectCPV and participate in their network. Once you register as a publisher you have access to their database and use the files to showcase their ads on your site.

DirectCPV will share 50% of the revenue earned via your site or blog, this can also increase to 65% depending on the traffic that you send, if you have good traffic I recommend you negotiate with them on the share. Minimum payouts is $100.

Although DirectCPV is a new company it’s a great alternative to PPC, considering that the CPV starts at a low of 1 cent you should give it a shot. You also get a $25 coupon when you sign up.

For more information on how to advertise online for low prices with CPV cost per view online advertising, click the link below.


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Give your online marketing campaign the jolt it needs with DirectCPV's pay per view advertising solution. Starting at just $0.01 for URL, keyword and category campaigns and $0.004 for run of network advertising, DirectCPV offers the best value for your advertisement dollar. With a minimum deposit of only $100, DirectCPV is sure to fit any marketing budget. Discover the power of CPV advertising now with DirectCPV.



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DirectCPV - a great alternative to Pay Per Click!

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