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Digi Article Blaster

Aug 29th 2011 at 12:55 PM

digi article blasterDigi Article Blaster is a new WP plugin being released by Andy Fletcher that is very powerful and will create 150 backlinks to every post you make with just one click!


Here are some of the  great features of Digi Article Blaster 

Over 150 push-button backlinks for every post: Remember when it took forever  just get a few backlinks?

Complete Automation: Everything is done for you, from registration to submission!

Generate thousands of randomly spun articles at the push of a button.

Just add a few spin tags and Digi Article Blaster will do the rest.

Increased blog flip values: One simple install will increase both the sale value and the demand.

Complete support: Real people offering real support, guaranteed to get back to you every time within one working day.

Regular updates: There are already a couple of new features on the slate, and they’ll be yours for free

Digi Article Blaster has changed everything. Instantly, you will get 150 backlinks more than your competitors

So How Does Digi Article Blaster Work?

This is an amazing WP Plugin!  It does all the hard work for you from creating 150 accounts to submitting articles to them.

Here are the steps:

1. You need to create an email account that can be used just for spam.  This can be a Gmail account or you can log into your cPanel and create an email based off your domain.


2. You also have to have a captcha breaking service such as Death by CaptchaDecaptcher or others.  You will buy credits for Digi Article Blaster that only costs pennies to automatically break captchas when Digi Article Blaster creates your accounts and submits to them.


3. Next enter the email account you created and your captcha breaking service login information in the settings box and click “Create Accounts”. It only takes about 5-10 minutes to create the 150 accounts, but be should check your email and verify some of the accounts.


4. Now you can go to any previous post or any new ones you make and submit content including an article with standard spin syntax to those 150 directories with just one click!


There are 3 different price points:

$47 is for a single site license – For use on only one WP site.

$97 for a multi-site license - install on as many WP sites as you own.

$297 for a developers license - Allows you to sell blogs you have Digi Article Blaster installed on... this is HUGE to increase the value of blogs!


My Conclusion

I highly recommend Digi Article Blaster, not because others say it works, but because I have been using it and I know it works!

This is an easy way to quickly get 150 backlinks for every post you make on your blog.  With Digi Article Blaster You will also notice that your posts get indexed and rank higher much faster.

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