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Different parts of skates

Mar 14th 2020 at 10:48 PM

1) Frame: Frame is a very vital element of skates because it attaches the wheels with the boot. Usually metal or plastic are the main ingredients of the frame. For better skating, the outer frame must be stiff, aligned properly and attached securely. Too much flexible frame wastes the skater energy and improper synchronization effects the wheels to run accurately. If you are skilled to do quick turns and drift, you should choose a hard outer frame with slightly lower wheels. Read more at

Different parts of skates



2) Wheel: Several amazing assortments of wheels included in skating which determine the type of ride you can deliver. In 1980 and 1990 many manufacturers used plastic wheel’s skate but in modern inline skates are constructed from polyurethane. There are two types of wheel hard and soft used for a rough and smooth surface. Size of the wheel is also important for skating because the larger wheel is effective for running fast and smaller skates roll slowly though these are more stable.72-76mm diameter is assigned for recreational skate and 44-80mm is for racing skates. After all wheel’s hardness and size marked on its side.


3) Bearings: Bearings are another important part of your skates that are inside the hub of the wheels. For smoothing riding and growing higher speed you must have to ensure quality bearing which rotates the wheels by applying minimum effort. In general higher priced skates use ABEC system are rated ABEC-1, ABEC-3, or ABEC-5 but not at lower-priced skates. For a beginning skater, the ABEC system is not a major consideration. In the ABEC system rates, you will get better bearing as well as smoothing ride for the higher number like ABEC-5 is much more efficient than ABEC-1. Read more roller skates for women



4) Brake: Brake is so much important for beginner skaters, so you should check out the breaks before purchasing your skates. You can slow down and stop your speed by applying brake which is attached to the heel of the boot. Traditional brakes are attached with the back wheel of right skates though you can be switched the brake from the right skate to the left. There are other types of brakes named ABT brakes found on Rollerblade skates that allow you to activate the brake by bending the knees and sliding the braking foot forward. It is better for beginners but experts can use certain types of skates that do not come with brakes like speed skate or aggressive skate.



5) Boot: it is most important to identify your boot according to your skating style. The boot holds your foot tightly but if you have an ill-fitting it will give you an ill temperament while skating. The boot has mainly two parts one is “shell” which surrounds your foot and another one is “cuff” which surrounds your ankle. Boots attached securely with the foot with the help of buckles and laces. Buckles on an inline skate permanently attached to the skate so you have to care about fitness and adjustment while you buying boots. In some cases, laces are used like hockey skate, racing skate, and some other aggressive skate but beginners should not use these types of skate. Read more outdoor roller skates

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