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Jul 12th 2012 at 10:57 PM

Another key factor in losing weight safely is to eat a balanced diet. Restrict your intake to only a few foods, not only make you feel satisfied, you will

lead to deficiencies in key nutrients. Make sure your intake of lean protein, dairy, grains and starches, vegetables and fruits is varied and balanced. A

balanced diet will make you feel less hungry and more energetic, especially if you count calories and administer the portion sizes.

Losing weight without physical activity is difficult. Find ways to incorporate more physical activity into your day, visit the gym after work, or park a few

blocks from your destination and walk. Regular exercise not only burn calories, but also will build lean muscle and speed up your metabolism, which means you

burn more calories throughout the day.

Despite promising early success, fad diets are not usually the healthiest ways to lose weight. Many of these diets eliminate whole groups of food, depriving

your body of important nutrients. Fad diets are usually not sustainable in the long term.

The loss of weight only to regain it back quickly puts pressure on organs like the heart, and can ruin your metabolism. Instead of falling into every fad

diet plans, eat a balanced diet that can sustain long term.

Finally, do not deprive yourself of things like chocolate, wine or cheese. The occasional indulgence will not make you gain weight, Diet Solution Program especially if you make a conscious effort to burn the extra calories and eat healthier food the next day. When you have a taste, savor each sip or bite, and keep portion sizes


The keys to healthy weight loss are really simple, you need to create a balanced and healthy diet that you can sustain long-term and combine it with some

kind of exercise you enjoy.

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