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Diabetes Treatment through Stem Cell

Feb 4th 2020 at 5:28 AM


Diabetes is counted as one of a serious disease that cannot be treated on its own. Diabetes treatment has come to relief of patients through renowned institutes.

Diabetes is caused due to high blood sugar level in the blood (high blood glucose) affecting the metabolism. Glucose is required by cell for producing energy and normal functioning.

After consumption of meal, it breaks down into glucose and some other important nutrients which are further absorbed by the blood and other fluids in the body from gastrointestinal tract.

If your doctor declares you diabetic, this means that your body is either not responding to the insulin or not able to prepare one. Insulin is an important hormone that ensures proper functioning of glucose level. Diabetes develops when glucose that is transferred from the blood stream to the cells in either pancreas is not able to make insulin or is not able to respond.

Diabetes is broadly divided into categories:-

· Type 1diabetes

It is a chronic condition where pancreas is affected the most. Its dysfunction creates insulin misbalance.

· Type 2 diabetes

It is also one of the chronic conditions that affect the way the body processes blood sugar (glucose). This is more a result of insulin resistance (cells not being able to use insulin effectively or at all). Early it was known as adult-onset diabetes or non-insulin-dependent diabetes

· Pre-diabetes

This is also a condition similar to the type 2 diabetes but it is not as chronic. In this blood sugar remains high but can be controlled with proper medical attention. It can be treated altering lifestyle, bringing changes like consuming a healthy diet, opting weight loss, and doing regular exercises.

· Gestational diabetes

This is also a form of high blood sugar mainly caused during pregnancy and usually disappears after birth giving. It is common in the second or third trimester stage of pregnancy.

Treatment for diabetes

Treatment of type 1 and type 2 diabetes focuses on controlling blood sugar (glucose) levels within the normal range.

· Type1 diabetes can be treated with combination of insulin, exercise, and a diabetes diet.

· Type2 diabetes is treated with weight reduction, a type 2 diabetes diet, and regular exercise regime. In case diet, weight reduction and exercises fails to control the high blood sugars of type 2 diabetic patients, medications (oral or injected) are prescribed to the patient.

· Stem cell treatment

Stem cell treatment for type 1 and type 2 diabetes

To cure type 1 diabetes using stem cell treatment procedure, insulin-producing cells from a healthy pancreas are replaced with those destroyed by diabetes in the patient. The combination of stem cell transplants and anti-diabetic drugs substantially improves the type 2 diabetes.

This could be carried out by the means of:-

· Local Administration: - Here, cell are infused directly at the targeted site of injury.

· Intravenous Administration: - In this mode, cells are infused through the veins to expand blood volumes in the central nervous system. This ensures maximum number of cells reach to the targeted area.

How stem cell treatment is beneficial in diabetes?

Stem cells can be repopulated at the damaged parts of the pancreas. These have strong paracrine effects and differentiate into lost or damaged beta cells. These initiate vasculogenesis and can as well initiate secretion of new immune cells.

Although diabetes cannot be cured with the help of stem cells treatment but it can definitely be managed by stem cell treatment.


GIOSTAR is the World’s Largest Stem Cell Hospital with its Headquartered in USA. It is funded by the Government of India. The institute is offering best stem cell treatment for type 1 and type 2diabetes, under the guidance of co-founder, chairman and the chief scientific officer of the institute, Dr. Anand Srivastava.

To know more about Diabetes Treatment and Stem Cell Therapy in India visit our website :


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