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Development Status and Future Trends of Global Position System in 2015

Jul 30th 2015 at 11:48 PM

Global Position System, which stared from in the US in the late 1970s, it is widely recognized as the world's most accurate method of navigation. The GPS is not generally visible in personal mobile devices, automobiles, surveying equipment, weather tracking systems, military munitions, electronic receivers, and other products incorporating the technology. Most individuals, for example, are not aware that data received from domestic and international financial institutions are dependent on the accurate synchronization of data streams provided by the GPS. Since its creation by the U.S. Department of Defense and its emergence into broader public awareness subsequent to becoming available for civilian use in 1984, online asset tracking system has evolved into a wide range of technologies that have provided an enormous range of benefits for consumers.

Application Development

In the 1990s, people began hearing about GPS (Global Position System) and in the 21 century we saw the technology rapidly expand into the mainstream and become part of commonly used item such as GPS tracker for car, in cell phones, even on shipments of merchandise to track their exact location as they are en route. For example, numerous police, fire, and emergency medical services have incorporated the GPS into vehicles to ensure the quickest possible response in life-or-death situations. Automobile manufacturers offer GPS-aided map displays that give directions to drivers on display screens and through synthesized voice instruction. The GPS has proven to be invaluable to hikers, golfers, cyclists, and other recreational users by providing precise directions. The system is likely to be incorporated into cellular phones to pinpoint location in emergency situations. Aviation, mining,construction, and other commercial and industrial activities have been enhanced by the precise positioning provided by the GPS. Although privacy concerns could present a significant barrier regarding the monitoring of individual activities, the GPS can be used to determine shopping patterns and customer profiles to improve sales and inventory management.

Many businesses are putting GPS systems on company vehicles, and they need not sit well with many of the vehicles' drivers. Are they taking too long on their lunch breaks? Did the car travel back to the employee's house before 5 o'clock? Has the vehicle traveled over 75 miles per hour? All of GPS phone tracker and more is available to supervisors and owners who have installed GPS systems on their company's vehicles.

GPS Kid's Phone is now becoming common, as well as friends and family locator applications for cell phones that show the exact location of your friends and family on a map but using the built in GPS transmitter in all cell phones, Some people also envision future GPS systems so small that they can be implanted inside a person's body. We may soon live in a word where it is seen as completely mormal for practically anyone to see exactly where you are, anywhere in the world, at every moment of the day.
GPS tracking system

For example, the wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan had a reality show Hogan Know gave an inside look at his family and their activities. His daughter Brook who was 17 yesrs old when the show first aired, and in one episode, Hulk Hogan let her go on a date with some guy, but before she did, he installed GPS tracker buy online on her car and during the episode it showed him watching where the car was driving, making sure that she was going where. Such devices are now so small that they can be placed on people, and not just in the trunk of a car.

Future Trends

Rapidly expanding GPS technology will continue to provide the system with tremendous capabilities in consumer, commercial, industrial, and military applications. Growing worldwide acceptance, coupled with the proliferation of GPS receivers and price reductions, will place GPS technology within reach of millions of consumers. car navigation will continue to represent one of the most lucrative markets for GPS applications. In addition, demand for GPS applications used in aviation, pleasure boating, marine navigation, surveying, recreation, cellular communications, military operations, and other areas will continue to increase well beyond 2014.

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