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10 months ago

Developing an Opt In Mailing List to Earn Automatic Income Over and Over

Jan 11th 2011 at 1:22 PM

A mailing list is a powerful tool when it comes to generating income quickly, easily, and repeatedly. It takes time to make and cultivate a list, but it is well worth it. If you own a home biz you can use your list to create back end sales and develop repeat customers. If you run a home business you can use your list to recruit members and diversify your income. And even with no business background whatsoever, you can make a list and use it to earn income through internet affiliate marketing. Just how profitable can a list be? Well it depends on a group of things like the size of the list, how targeted the subscribers are, and how many times it has been used with a particular product stream. But a list is profitable no matter what. One example is when the famous Robert Allen used his list of over 11,000 people (which took him 9 months to build) to generate nearly a hundred thousands dollars in less than a day. And that list was then used over and over again to generate automatic income online.

You will need to have a site to develop a n opt in mailing list, but it does not need to be fancy or extravagant in any way. In fact, most of the successful internet advertisers use very simple webpages that draw in traffic and get people to hand over their email addresses. Your goal is to get as many people as possible to your website, and then to get as many of those visitors as possible to give you their names and email addresses through capture forms. If you can perform these 2 simple things, getting traffic to your page and then start getting emails and names of your visitors, your contact list will grow quickly and limitlessly. In time you will be able to market niche related products, services, and businesses to generate profits on simply by clicking your mouse. Trust me, its possible to earn substantial amounts of automatic income online from a well cultivated list.

The part that most people have the hardest time with is generating a substantial amount of site visits. It is the foundation of any passive income online, and without it nothing will happen. You can pay for hits, but you may also choose to grow free web site visits. There are many no cost promoting methods that you can use to drive targeted free web traffic. These include content promoting, blogging, social networking, link growing, SEO, classified advertising, forum posting, and the list goes on. Using free traffic techniques I drive thousands of free web site visits to my sites each day. It takes some work to grow a solid web presence, but once you do everything happens almost effortlessly.

Once your have a website or webpage that is getting substantial web hits, you should have no problem building your list. But in order to get your visitors to willingly hand over their contact information and the right to contact them, you will likely need to offer them something of value in exchange. This could be as simple as offering a newsletter, ebook, or free resource. Find something that you can offer for free, giving your visitors incentive to give you their info, as this is a powerful method for online business and internet marketing. As your database grows, you will have more and more earning power at the click of a button.

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