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Defence Cuts/& our ARMY.

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4 September 2010



Sept 1st 2010 Evening mail.


Reading the Evening mail, as I do daily, a wave of disappointment flooded over me. As I read, I could not believe the Ghurkha Regiment may be axed amid cuts to the defence force, as the government hack away at the defence budget.

1. There were two reasons for this: Firstly, I thought the Ghurkhas were now being treated as equals and would serve along side our fine regiments for another 200 years or so. (LOL)Secondly, our country is at war! The government and the people need to be behind them, until; our elected government see fit to withdraw them.

2. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that withdrawing from the field should take place prior to reducing numbers or kit.

3. With regard to the question of the soldier on the ground, moral will be affected, however, being professionals they will soldier on.

4. Another important factor to consider is this is only one part of several cuts to our defence budget, and in time of war!

5. How can these facts be interpreted? The first point is lowering our defences is asking for trouble. I don’t think Churchill or Thatcher would have done it. Furthermore, I would not care to see the Kurkahs fighting against us.

6. Finally, it is important that the Ghurkhas have served us loyally in my life time, and I fully expect they will in the future.

For Example: A Ghurkha AMBUSH.

How did twenty four Ghurkha’s take on a hundred Indonesian’s in Borneo?

7. Normally an ambush is carried out on receipt of strong intelligence. However, on this occasion it was conducted on order of the commander of the strong point at Batu Lintang. He had a hunch that the local cock-fight at Kampong due to take place on Sunday the 13th June 1962?

Local intelligence indicated that a party of Indonesians have crossed the border two miles away to visit cock fighting events in the past, and may well do again.

E Company occupied a strongpoint at Batu Lintang, Sarawak, and the OC gave the task to the Pioneer platoon. The twenty-four man platoon mission was to lay an ambush on the main track which leads to Batu lintang from the south.

The OC of E Company issued his orders to the pioneer platoon commander. Who was fully briefed on his task? He was given all information available, and aware of inhabited areas, routs used through the jungle, and likely intentions of the Indonesians.

He could expect fire support from A Troop, seventy Battery Royal Artillery.

The pioneer platoon commander was then able to clearly define his mission and therefore was able to prepare his plan. He then issued his platoon orders for the ambush. Before moving out he would have conducted walk through, talk through, rehearsals. His orders were thorough and every man knew what he had to do exactly, and at who he was to fire his SLR or LMG.

8. The twenty four strong acting rifle platoon consisted of all young soldiers with little or no previous operational experience before he deployed to Sarawak. The platoon moved out from Batu Ling tang at 0600hrs on Sunday morning. They patrolled in single file, approximately three meters apart, on a compass bearing. The rest is relatively recent History.

What will History say about this government?


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