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D$ Domination Review

Sep 4th 2013 at 4:55 PM

My review on the D$ Domination MLM program.  The D$ Domination program, for a monthly fee, offers software that will drop-ship Amazon based products that you can list on eBay's auction site.  I have been selling on eBay since it first launched back in 1996 and have tried over different "auto-listing" programs over the years, so I feel I have some expertise in this area.  I normally do not review these auto eBay listing programs, as I they are all basically"over hyped worthless" programs that DOES NOT WORK.   But I saw this D$ Domination program being advertised on a JubiRev Facebook page (I have no idea why, as it has NOTHING in common with JubiRev).

When I started my investigation on the D$ Domination URL, "" I found that its registration shows Kevin Hokoana as being the owner, using an Armed Forces Pacific PO Box (APO) in Japan address.  Yet the websites Terms and Condition state that the program "is exclusive jurisdiction of the state or federal courts in San Diego County, California, USA".  Then a third address shows up on their Privacy Policy page as 15201 Mason Rd. Ste 1000 #145; Cypress, TX.  Because of this I am unclear if D$Domination is based out of Texas, California, or Japan.

Their “about us” page states "You are not allowed to view this page. This means you have not yet activated your purchase of this product." so I cannot view their about us website information. I see program affiliates are posting on forums that a Roger Langille is the owner of  the company, claiming he has been "a top seller on eBay almost 10 year and was doing more than 7 figures a year!". Roger Langille credits himself asthe eBay traineron his personal blog, claiming to be aeBay Titanium Seller”. D$Domination went into beta launch on August 23rd, 2013 with no known launch date set.

Roger Langille MLM history shows he has been an affiliate of MyShoppingGenie (now defunct ZeekRewards site), Visalus (weight loss), and Sozo (coffee berry).  No MLM history could be found on Kevin Hokoana.

How Does D$Domination Work? Basic affiliate membership is $19.95 a month (Pro), $99 a month (Elite), $249 on time (Unleashed), and ??? (Monopoly). The program bundles an automated Amazon item drop-shipping listing platform for eBay's auction site.

The D$Domination comp plan is 2X10 matrix based, but at this time D$Domination provides no information on its website about exactly how their comp plan works.  Commissions are paid out as a percentage based on what matrix level an affiliate is on as follows; Level 1 – 50%; Level 2 – 10%; Level 3 – 5%; Level 4 – 3%; Level 5 – 2%; and Levels 6 to 10 – 1%.

My Opinion..... I have seen these type of programs before.  First find some random stuff you like on Amazon, then re-list it on eBay, at a higher price, to make a profit.  Hope someone on eBay purchases it at this higher price, charge them big S&H (even though you got a Amazon prime membership with free shipping), then just enter their shipping address when they pay you by PayPal.

You must remember that you will have to increase the item's price high enough to pay both eBay listing and  PayPal fees, before you can even think of making an profit.  What happens when someone get their package and it says “fulfilled by Amazon”?  One pissed off customer, making this the one time you will EVER sell to this customer again.  But even finding this one unsuspecting person will not be easy, with all the "price comparison" built into Internet search engines nowadays.

There is the another BIG problem with doing this "Amazon automated listing to eBay" in the fact that it is against Amazon's Terms and Conditions for customers to drop-ship items.  And finally there is the problem of setting yourself apart from anyone else.  Example I joined  SMC's Wholesale & Speciality Merchandising as a Gold member ($350) several years ago with the exact same plan on auto listing their products on eBay.  When I did a search on eBay, on just about any SMC product, I found 15 to 20 other people already listing the exact same item, at less then even my direct SMC item cost.  And I am sure that the EXACT same thing will happen here.

Then there is the RED FLAG in the fact that it seems that even the program itself does not know even where it is based out of (Texas, California, or Japan) or who is the true owner (Roger Langille or Kevin Hokoana).

As far as D$Domination’s comp plan you are essentially just providing “how-to” advice to affiliates, making the program basically pushing affiliate memberships.  With 100% of the commissions being paid out from affiliates monthly membership fees, D$Domination enters pyramid scheme areas.   And just how long do you expect the affiliates that you recruit to continue to pay this monthly fee when they find out that they CANNOT make any money from drop-shipping items on eBay?  Not long.

Just My Opinion,
Philip Reitcheck

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Sep 11th 2013 at 7:42 AM by troyrudd
Really Phillip?? Did you come up with this on your own, or is this a copy/paste from the nut-job over at Sure looks similar , and about as accurate (1% fact and 99% misinformation at best). You're welcome.

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