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Cycling into Push Button Money – possibly latest scam?

Dec 4th 2010 at 10:04 AM

Got this promotional email that sounds intriguing and decide to take a look at the link in it.

It’s Push Button Money from Aaron Darko.

A normal sales page with the general hype, copies of payments received and 60 days money-back guarantee prescribed by Click Bank.

I go google reviews on this. All are from before the official launch of PMB, no real information. After quite a while of searching I find one enlightening review:http://pushbuttonmoneyrevealed.com/push-button-money-review/

Although the big, red, enticing, animated button just begs to be clicked and I like to investigate things, I clicked the X to close the page. Was then offered a discount. OK, so I decided to further investigate. It said 3 clicks in the sales copy, so I expected three clicks: pay, confirm, access.

O boy, was I wrong! Up-sell, up-sell, up-sell, up-sell, up-sell for necessary stuff to really make this work. So after 5 or six more clicks to say no, I finally get to the login page, which tells me to read my welcome email, which isn't in the account I entered.

More time wasted searching through all my mail accounts. At long last I find it: gives me my user email and password.

So I’m back to login page to enter details and - get directed back to login/training page with video. By this time my blood starts boiling, so I send a request for password recovery. Since they used my ISP account, mails took longer than they would have in the G mail account I originally gave them, but answers followed, which is a positive sign. I changed my password and tried again. Same story.

I request more support:  “Hi, I've now tried this 4 times. Always throws me back to (Link)

Answer:” yes, after you login, new options will appear in the header with your training.”

Even though I hate videos, I watched them, wasting more time waiting for them to load, hoping to find some indication of where to find the actual system I paid for. Alas – nothing and no link either.

Renewed request for support:

I have looked through those options and watched the videos but how do I get the actual software I paid for?

Answer:  after you login you can go here : http:// (link)
and that will launch the software
all the other navigation is in the header

That did not work either, so after 12 hours I’m still waiting to receive what I paid for.

Is this the latest Scam? I’m not sure yet, not having received the next answer, but will keep you posted.

Update 24 February 2011:

Well, I eventually got access to the members sections just before I left for my first holiday in 10 years. So there was no time to actually start with this.

When I returned from holiday, my PC had a problem. Our wonderfull "local ëxperts" messed it up completely and then formatted the hard disc, without an emergency back-up. So I lost  everything and still struggle to pick up from where I stopped.

Read more about Push Button Money here:




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Jul 3rd 2011 at 12:13 PM by somted
well. this sounds like a bad scam. i will keep my eyes open

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