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Aug 29th 2012 at 5:09 AM

When you try to make a change in your life, create a new habit, set a target or goal, etc.., This usually always good, but why fail after 2-3 weeks?

Some people do things better than others because they have not only learned a few simple strategies for change, but also because they have built their muscle change .

What is the muscle of change? muscle that is used to create changes in our lives and like our physical muscles are weak if you have not trained.

I started training my muscles and change a few years ago, when I was weak and could never make lasting changes. I felt helpless and did not know what to do. I felt like I could never make significant changes in my life.

But I've learned over the years that change the muscle like other muscles: is it possible that this weakened at first, but becomes stronger with regular training.

Imagine trying to lift a barbell with 100 kilos of weight on it. Even lifted 5 inches off the ground would be a nearly impossible feat for people who have not trained their muscles to lift heavy loads. You fight until you almost burst a vein, but it will move the bar. But ... if you started with just the bar (no weights on it) and you will begin to lift, would be much more likely to succeed. Then add 5 kilos on each side and your muscles will become stronger. Keep adding a little at a time and soon you will be able to raise the bar with 100 kilos once seemed impossible.

The change muscle work the same way. As I have been learning about the physical growth of muscles, I realize that there are many parallels with muscle growth rate.

Principles of Growth

The principles for the growth of your muscle changes are similar to the growth of the muscles of the body:

Start small: If you try to lift too much customized fat loss download at first, get fit and have a bad hurt and you will not last long. But if you start with just the bar (or any other light weight), you'll learn how to lift weights and is much more likely that you're exercising a lot longer. The muscle of the change is the same: it starts with a change of only 5 minutes a day. Sure you want to do more, but if you do more, much more likely to fail in the long term.

Train regularly: Some people go to the gym for a week and then stop, then start again in a few months. This is a waste of time and never see any progress. You have to do it regularly to see the progress. The same goes for the muscle of change: do it daily, just 5 minutes a day. You're growing stronger and stronger with regular training. Do not start big and then fail after 1-2 weeks and then start again later. The regular repetition is the key.

Load increases gradually: If you increase the weight, you will become stronger not. But if you increase too much, you could injure yourself. With change your muscle you increase your daily workout five minutes each week - ie 5 minutes a day the first week, then 10 minutes a day the second week, etc..) You will be surprised how strong the muscle will change with gradual progressive loading.

Rest and cuts in other works: Most people do not understand the importance of rest when it comes to training. First train, then rest and grow. If we do not rest our development entorpecemos. Muscle growth change is, you need to train (just 5 minutes a day at first) and then rest. This means do not try to make changes throughout the day at first. Do not try to make your first change when you are traveling and also taking other large projects, and maybe also take classes and make three changes at once. You're going to overload. You have a change and then your regular routine the day.

Driving growth: Aside from rest, fuel is one of the most overlooked aspects of muscle growth. You need enough calories for growth, otherwise all the training in the world will not get anywhere. So What is it that fuels muscle growth change? Motivation . Find ways to motivate as many as possible: make pleasant change, with a partner, join a class, create a blog on the topic, join a forum, create awards, celebrate small victories, create a chart to monitor progress, etc. The more, the better. Most people do not change your muscle foods.

First Steps

So how to start training the muscle of change if it is weakened and without training? Like when you start training with strength training, start with light weights and only a short time each day.

This is what I'd recommend:

Choose a positive and easy change you can do in five minutes. Would you like gardening? You have just 5 minutes a day gardening. Would you like running or swimming?, Is writing?,? Meditate? You have just 5 minutes a day.

Focus on enjoying the new habit. If you like, then you'll want to keep doing it for longer. If what you're doing is to "improve" or because it is "good for you" or because "should", then surely not continue for long.

Focus on doing it regularly, not grow rapidly. Do this every day, at the same time each day.

Reduce other changes in habits , so you can put all your energy into this change.

Feed your change with motivation as far as humanly possible. More is better in this case.

Grow slowly by adding five minutes to your daily workout a week.

You will be surprised at the amount of progress you will make in time, change the muscle will become stronger.

We tend to blame our failures to our lack of discipline, but we are not ... we are only untrained undisciplined. You grow muscle change with smart growth principles and will soon be a master of change.

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