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Criteria For A Leader

Aug 29th 2010 at 8:39 PM

What is it?

What do you think the criteria for a leader is?

What kind of attributes does this leader have? Does this leader have a trail of success you can follow? I found myself in this situation.

I had been looking for a true leader. And these were some of the questions I had been asking myself. Actually, I had been trying to be successful without a leader. I thought I had found the right opportunity several times but after carefully working the opportunity I had been wrong. I am the kind of person who takes a set of guidelines, or criteria and works them to the letter.

So in my eyes, it wasn’t something I was doing at this time, it was the plan. The plan is a set of instructions you work everyday in order to be successful. We all have this list. We usually get it from our upline or leader per say. When we sign up for an opportunity we look up to whoever signs us up in order to get a list of “to do’s”. The “to do’s” list is a compilation of things we need to do in order to complete and sign up other’s to our opportunity.

So after carefully working a list of “to do’s” I was given, why was I not successful? Well there are several reasons: one being, is it just the money we look at when we are choosing this leader? Ok, if it is not just the money they make, is it just the success they have had? Is this leader doing what you already do in order to build your business? If not, what types of things are they doing?

Is this something you can duplicate? So after careful consideration, what was your first impression of this leader you are talking to? Did they talk to you in a way that is different than the style you are already using? What do other’s say about this person? Is this person verifiable? Is he honest?

These are all the things I was asking myself when I set out to find a winning opportunity. I found Kenneth and Lisa Bristol and MSC University. I had found in all my struggles to get with a great opportunity the people in the opportunity were the most important part. I have met some great people but the style they use would be impossible to duplicate. Their specific style was borderline dishonest. You see, not telling someone of the not-so-good parts of a compensation plan is a flat out lie. When we tell someone of our compensation plan, we need to outline the good and the bad.

You see finding out some of the negative things through experience is not a good calling card. I did and was not so impressed with my leader’s honesty. Some of the negatives would have made my decision to join their opportunity a flat out NO. So when looking for that right opportunity, you need to think about the criteria here I have outlined.

A leader in my mind is honest, successful and is not doing what you already do to market your opportunity. It is always going to be fresh and exciting, regardless of what your current leader may have to say. How did you do your first six months in your current opportunity?

Check out the leaders at and find good leadership and good people who know how to make a difference in people’s lives. Change the criteria you have for a leader? You may like what you end up with.

Elizabeth Wesley 817-220-1180

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Nov 18th 2011 at 7:46 PM by LonnieG
Of the many factors that impact our success with any particular program the people we work with just may be the most important! Thank you for your insights. ~LonnieG
Sep 24th 2010 at 1:27 PM by cmsolution
There are a lot of thoughts that discusses about leadership. You might find interesting.

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