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Co-Registration List Building: More than Just a Buzzword

Oct 17th 2012 at 11:42 PM

Co-Registration List Building: More than Just a Buzzword

Certain people are claiming that the latest buzzword in list building nowadays is co-registration. However, that's more than just a buzzword. It's a concept that's taking the list building world by storm because there's now a consensus in regards to co-registration list building being one of the foremost ways for you to build your own humongous opt-in email list in a short yet effective manner. No self-respecting business would ever turn down the chance of acquiring a promotional service that provides them instantaneous and quality results every time, which explains why co-registration is such a hot topic nowadays.

What Is Co-Registration List Building?

For something that's supposedly effective, why is it that the vast majority of webmasters aren't using co-registration for their list building needs? The opt-in email subscribers and leads it generates are through the roof, yet experts who should know better would rather get opt-in subs the traditional and manual way. The reason for this, unfortunately, roots from ignorance. People have little to no understanding of how co-registration works and what it entails for many a website's popularity or a business's bottom line. It's time to fight this ignorance with knowledge, because as everyone knows, knowledge is power.

In light of the fact that 99% of webmasters don't deploy their own co-registration systems, it's (for now) a free, easy, and fast secret weapon used by all the best Internet marketers in the world (such as the people from in order to rapidly stimulate the growth of permission-based email lists. In turn, opt-in email marketing is the method most businesses are utilizing the email medium for promotional services in light of the fact that people hate spam and unsolicited messages littering their inbox. It's a lot better to have a person willingly subscribe to your mailing list than to "trick" him into subscribing.

How Does Co-Registration List Building Work?

Co-registration list building basically works by referring memberships, subscriptions, and leads to concurrent registration processes, such that a popular mailing list that's co-registered with a less popular one can use its popularity to boost the numbers of the other co-registered list. There are many different ways to go about this list building tactic, chief among them free subscriptions who suggest other subscriptions they might be interested in on the "Thank You Page" they see after registration. This list building tactic is also advantageous to those who willingly subscribe to mailing lists because they can now subscribe to multiple lists relevant to their interests all at the same time.

Co-registration is a powerful tool that gets subscribers to join your mailing list by teaming up with one or several mailing lists with a high amount of subscribers. With your combined forces, you'll be able to attract entire groups of mailing list subscribers in one go without ever resorting to hard sell tactics of making your customers subscribe to your list ever again. People still have the choice to subscribe or not, plus the co-registration process is viewed more as a convenience than as an unnecessary bother. After all, instead of having to search for mailing lists that deal with their interests, these leads or would-be subscribers can now find all the relevant lists they would want to subscribe to in one spot, after just subscribing to one co-registered list.

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