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Dec 10th 2012 at 5:57 PM

On September 30, 2012,motorboat jones 9the national people climbing fitness congress and the good fortune GaoLiGongShan mountaineering activities in China FuGongXian nujiang river in yunnan province, the activity was held by the state general administration of sport and ratified by national mountaineering association, the people's government of yunnan province sports bureau, first the FuGongXian, the people's government of the people's government of yunnan province, LuShuiXian, food and beverage and food industry association undertakes. For eight days of activities by September 30 morning at 9 o 'clock in the FuGongXian stone moon observation platform start, at the same time the moon stone mountain fitness trails the official opening.
Domestic businesses, outdoor DengShanJie, each big mediamotorboat jones 9's, tourism hobby micro bo da, etc more than one hundred famous people of all ethnic groups and nujiang river compatriots on the climbing stone moon activities. This activity special invited national mountaineering team captain WangYongFeng, famous explorer gold FeiBao, well-known global traveler MaZhongXin, famous outdoor hiking adventure experts LeiDianSheng and came to the activity at the site and everybody "climb month", became the outdoor adventure tourism lovers both at home and abroad, the focus of attention.
After landing on the moon, the moon in the top of the stone trails hole shows a picture of 6.3 m * 4.2 meters giant five-star flag, altogether celebrates the birthday of the motherland. After a series of activities by "concentric wine Mid-Autumn festival gala night", the national sacrifice worship month blessing activities, "FeiDu nujiang river" performance, nationalmotorboat jones for sale penetrating crossbow competition and a series of wonderful content composition. In the same period FuGongXian also organized a "broad season" -- "ten thousand people to sing the national red song", "ten thousand people preach folk dancing" folk celebrations. The whole series of activities in the nujiang river state six library and FuGongXian, LuShuiXian held respectively.
This activity with "frontier even for Beijing motherlandsBuy jordan 9 cool grey online meet eighteen big for shenzhou applause" as the theme, "set up the plateau feelings promote dashan quality" as the starting point, firstly embodies the party and the state to the border area impoverished parts of the ethnic minority areas the people life kindly care, frontier people's heart even Beijing, to meet the party's eighteen big smooth convening happiness, reveal the nujiang river and all people in the world with the time colleague to party with their peers, ambition and boldness of vision; At the same time also is the national fitness program in frontier minority areas carry out and implement model engineering; Second reflected in the national "1025" planning and yunnan province "the fort a" strategic construction, under the guidance of all ethnic groups in yunnanpre order cool grey 9 province under the leadership of the provincial government, and seek for the economy, politics, culture, sports, social development, a new round of development of determination. Reflects the state general administration of sport climbing sports management center forge ahead, and innovate the development idea and the frontier minority poverty areas sports cultural undertakings care and support; Also expressed the nujiang river all the practice of "plateau feelings, dashan quality" the yunnan spirit determination and confidence, also reflected the first minority areas sports enterprise vigorous development of the new situation.
Through this blessing on climbing activities will be hold successfully,retro 9 cool grey 2012will meet good fortune is good fortune, for good fortune to meet happy blessing, good fortune find meet up with the moon, blessing blessing on trails. Common tabled sanjiang cheng jing, to the moon, "I love you" and so on the beautiful symbol and concept to the national people's show, for the realization of the nujiang lisu autonomous prefecture economic, political, cultural and social development, and fully display the nujiang lisu autonomous prefecture hengduan mountains longitudinal valley belt, the world famous nujiang grand canyon, the mountain peaks of more than GaoLiGongShan and brigitte LuoXueShan, and other unique nujiang river rich natural landscape and generation live in the lisu, anger, white, general m, the dragon and other ethnic minorities with colorful cultural landscape, meet the visitors into the nujiang river wish, completed thecool grey 9s dream of the moon, "the good fortune to play a big shangri-la loop important tourism collection and distribution center, yunnan Tibet new channel traffic center and nujiang river resort" the back garden ", set up the good fortune tourism brand, promote good fortune and even the entire first realize rapid development play a huge role.

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