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Conversion program, help you formulate suit your needs scheme

Jan 29th 2015 at 7:14 PM


In recent years, car modification has become a hot topic, there are a lot of riders want their car to change a bit, Benz Turbocharger but for the first time to change cars, a lot of things do not understand, a lot of people will listen to the modified division proposal be modified.

Well, today, we systematically introduce modified car parts and their functions and in general prices, car faithful heart has a bottom. (Modified pieces mentioned in the text, there are detailed data on our website, do not make too much explanation)

First, the body stiffeners

This is what I strongly recommend installed kit.

Original cars are generally not the body stiffener. Then the body stiffeners will play what an effect? ? Actually, it is the body tightened as a whole, so that the body is more compact, so handling it will be more secure and comfortable.

Which do, we recommend that CIDEP body stiffeners, which joined the strengthened steel to make more solid. This suit is about 2000 yuan

If you want to change the car, and pay more attention to performance, then I really recommend my friends to change a body stiffeners, the practical effect is good, and the price is cheap.

Second, the shock

Many riders, first change the car, but also often change shock.

In fact, the shock is to pull the springs, saab 9-3 turbocharger which can be reduced through the bounce pit after the body more comfortable. If you drive a car without shock absorbers car, you will feel very painful, over speed humps, when under the body at the jump.

Shock brand has a lot of car lovers tend to be spoiled for choice. For example, here we often do is Germany Bistein shock, Japan tein, Japan Buddy Club, American M'S shock, Taiwan BC shock, Taiwan Posji Tech, Taiwan ISC shock absorbers and so on.

In these shock them, M'S, BC shock, POSJI, ISC are relatively cheaper, at about 6000 yuan, BISTEIN and TEIN suspension on the more expensive a little more.

With so many brands which, BC shock is my recommended brands, the price is relatively modest, around 6000, and the performance is not bad, is it among the most cost-effective good. Detailed data on BC shock, my friends can refer to our website product information among description. Do not do much to explain here.


Brake system is also modified a large expenditure.

Brake conversion, it is best think ahead and choose the right brand.

If the budget is more then recommend AP brakes, all the UK's imports of good quality.

Budget is relatively small, you can choose VTTR, this price is also pretty good.

Wheel Tire

Wheel tire modifications, mostly for aesthetics, for personalized style.

However, you should note that the selection wheel tire time, we must pay attention to some problems.

First, you must consider the good, since you whether there idea to change the brakes. Because if you later want to change the brakes, then some wheels can not be installed. If today you change the wheels, tomorrow, when you want to change the brakes and found that this wheel fit the kind of brakes, so you wasting money.

Prices wheel tires is relatively transparent. General 17-inch wheels plus tires four, a total of about 6000-7000, and if the brand, then it should expensive.

Dynamic aspects of the conversion

In fact, the first modification is not recommended to change these things, if they have ideas, you can change, but change some basic suggestions.

For example: intake and exhaust, ignition, throttle acceleration.

KN intake is also about 1000-2000, exhaust recommended ABG's, around 2000,

Other such surrounds, headlight lenses, tail and other aspects of conversion, depends on personal preference, and this basically appearance modification.

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