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Control When Rejection Occurs

Oct 3rd 2010 at 11:06 AM

              Door-to-Door Sales Whisperer Says:

               “Control When Rejection Occurs”

                               A Little Wisdom from 25 years in the Field

  By Bill Hamnet Wall,       



     You Control When Rejection Occurs by leaving at the first sign of disinterest. You can control when the conversation ends, right? Remember, that there are almost always signs of fright or displeasure in those who want you off their property. Read those signs, and respond to them BEFORE they are verbalized by the prospect. Using this one idea will reduce your stress dramatically. It will do the same for the prospect who is expecting more difficulty in getting you to leave. It will seem to prospects that you read their mind, that you made the process very easy for them, when all that you really did was obey the involuntary signs of disinterest.

     Listen to non-verbal language or verbal abuse: take your pick. Most amateurs choose the latter, particularly when face-to-face with new prospects. Why? Because they think they’re “losing the sale” if they’re not aggressive, deaf to objections with their foot in the door. If this was true, cold calls and lapel grabbing would result in more sales than referrals from your grandma. If you get only one thing from this article, internalize this: Control When Rejection Occurs. If a dog gives you five warnings of upset before biting you, people show twice as many before they attack you verbally. In other words, pay attention to non-verbal language, and respond immediately!

     Feelings are to body language what thoughts are to words: precursors to action. It’s actually a blessing to a Sales Whisperer to “know” what people are feeling before they speak. It’s like boxing someone who telegraphs his punches. It becomes much easier to make a timely defensive move. How does this relate to sales? It’s been said that 95% of all stress in sales is trying to sell to people that are not interested. So, the next time someone is rude to you before they speak, leave before they insult you. It will definitely surprise them when you leave early. When you prevent a conflict before it happens, you have accomplished three very important things: 1. You have controlled when rejection occurs. 2. The prospect is relieved instead of angry. 3. You talk to only people who will listen and respond to you.

     One more benefit that I must mention: when your worst case scenario is that you smile and walk away, prospecting becomes a much more pleasant experience. Now, how much is that worth?










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Nov 13th 2011 at 7:26 PM by LonnieG
I like the common sense elements you employ, Bill. ~LonnieG

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