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Content - The Meat Of Your Social Profile

Feb 23rd 2011 at 10:51 AM

Can you imagine going to your favorite burger joint, ordering the 2.5 pound jumbo deluxe that you always get with 2x fries and a bucket of Pepsi, only to sit down at the table and find that there's no meat in your burger?

Having a profile, on any social network, that doesn't offer something of REAL value is very much like getting your burger without meat or your pizza without cheese.  Tell me that either of those wouldn't be a huge disappointment.  Now think about the people who are visiting your profiles, on the social networks, and leaving because you've not given them a reason to stay or follow.  You are probably missing out on a lot of convertible traffic because you are leaving out the key component... valuable content.

It's a challenge to find a profile on IM Faceplate, or any other site, which offers solid information that answers questions or solve problems.  If you aren't adding killer content to your Faceplate, how do you expect to get a viral flow of traffic moving through?

If your profile is all about advertising and promotion, the only people that are going to follow you are the people who are trying to do the same thing you are, with high hopes that you will somehow see their grass as greener, and join with them.

I hear it all of the time from my students... "Rex, how do we get people to join our programs when all of them want us to join theirs?"

The key to success in the social media is to provide such amazing value that people won't think twice about sharing it with others.  If you want people to Tweet your latest blog post then give them a reason to.  When people stike gold, they want to tell everyone... so start giving them GOLD!

People will join with you, but you have to take the right steps to attract the right traffic.  Most marketers are missing the boat by failing to build a mailing list using incentives.  Offer the right incentive to your targer market and as your list grows people will join your programs.

So, if you want more profile views, followers and a bigger list then start doubling up on the beef, and throw on some extra cheese.  Most people have something of value to share, so share it!  When you learn the art of selling you first, selling anything else becomes easy!




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Feb 23rd 2011 at 12:28 PM by ed17hunt
Great advice, thanks Rex.

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