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Computer & Laptop prices in Pakistan – Online computer olx shop

Oct 13th 2012 at 9:13 AM

The first and most severe - formal, in which the diversity of models produced is divided into three groups according to the number of so-called "spindles", that is based on a built-in rotating disks (that is, the number of built-in drives). Trehshpindelnye laptops - the most bulky and heavy laptops. They have three built-in disk drive: The hard drive, optical drive, and gradually fading into the past a floppy disk. The second and largest group - dvushpindelnye laptops with built-in hard drive and optical drive. The third group - single-spindle notebooks, where is the only one built-in hard drive, and all other storage devices can be connected as external devices. Naturally, these laptops - the easiest and best suited for continuous wear.

Another classification is based on the dimensions and weight hp mini laptops. For example, the most severe is a full-sized laptop - so-called "laptop" (laptop). A separate sub-class laptops - "desknouty" (desknote), distinctive feature is the use of components for the desktop and no battery (or rather, it is, tolklo optional and external). These computers are intended for office use and are not designed for continuous wear. Another class of portable machines - the "light" laptops, they - dvushpindelnye or, sometimes, single spindle. These computers now weigh, on average, about 2.5 pounds, and they are perfectly suited for use on the road or outside the office. The next class - single spindle subnotebooks. They are equipped with small displays (from 8.9 to 12.1 inches) and weigh about one kilogram or less. Standing somewhat apart class - Tablet PC (Tablet PC), intended to mainly handwritten data input (touch screen). This group includes both two-and single-spindle models, and there are not only "pure" tablet, no keyboard, and computers "convertible" design, where the keyboard "hides" under the display, and if need transformed into a regular notebook .

There is another classification based on the functional purpose of the notebook, but it is even more apparent than those mentioned above. Here are the common classes "mobile workstation" and "desktop replacement", they are both characterized by severe trehshpindelnye models that have better professional or playing video system. The lighter notebooks are business-class and low-cost (budget) vehicles - economy class. While in business-class combination of maximum functionality and minimal weight leads to sky-high prices, in economy class, we have seen a serious trade-off between price and performance (not in favor of the latter) and the imbalance of separate components.

Display. Display size usually depends on the class of laptop. In the "light" machines installed with a diagonal matrix from 13.3 to 15.1 inches and a resolution of 1024 x 768 to 1400 x 1050 pixels, subnotebooks - with a diagonal of 8.9 to 12.1 inches and a resolution of 800 x 600 up to 1024 x 768 pixels, Tablet PC - with a diagonal of 10.4 to 12.1 inches and a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Here we should remember the general rule, the smaller the screen, the longer the battery life, and the less the weight of the laptop.

Optical drive. Here is the best recommendation one: komboprivod! If you choose a lightweight laptop or tablet PC, the drive DVD / CD-RW must be built, and if you plan to buy a subnotebook, the dock (or separately) must necessarily have been the installation of such a drive. CD-Recorder will allow us to "dump" any amount of information, and the ability to read DVD useful in leisure time.

Graphics controller. In the market for a graphics controller business laptops in pakistan has developed a fairly ambiguous situation. Traditionally in these computers used integrated graphics controllers or simple graphics chips do not work too well with three-dimensional graphics. Currently, the requirements for video increased, and even the simple built-in graphics can reserve for itself in the system memory up to 32 MB. Here again, the solution depends on your priorities: if you do not mind from time to time to play computer games, look for a model with discrete graphics. If your problem - operational training text documents, presentations, work with e-mail, databases, and view the video, the integrated graphics will be sufficient.

Trackwheel. Here the choice is small, and it depends entirely on the manufacturer. The vast majority of laptops are equipped with a "touchpad" (touchpad), and laptops from IBM (and some models of Toshiba) - poyntstikom (pointstick) (izobretel device company IBM, calls this device "trackpoint" and Toshiba - "akkupoynt"). However, it is widely accepted "touchpad", and even IBM in its latest models began using "touchpad" (in conjunction with Trackpoint). In the Tablet PC and subnotebooks often used touch screen, but for ease of use of these devices is inferior standard mouse, so with heavy use without a mouse you did not do.

Ports, slots, and controllers. We come to consider the most important parameters that deserve close attention. The availability of certain ports and controllers to a large extent on the possibility of creating a full-fledged mobile office. First of all, is not what can not do any modern laptop - the ports are USB (USB 2.0 standard has replaced the slower USB 1.1) for external drives, and a wide range of peripherals, IEEE 1394 (FireWire) for high-speed drives and digital cameras, slot PCMCIA (PC-Card) for various peripheral devices of this form factor for video output to an external monitor and a TV-out S-Video (often used to connect a video projector). In addition, all currently produces portable computers have built-in modem and network controller.

Now that does not always occur. Ancient COM-port, like PS / 2 ports, you can connect an external keyboard, mouse, modem, and more equipment, gradually fading into the past: they displace more speed and compact port USB. Often, these ports are transferred to a docking station or port replicator - external device designed to reduce weight and reduce the size of the laptop. All classes of the laptops fades Infrared (IrDA), which is useful for synchronization with your PDA (PDA | PDA) or mobile phone and subnotebooks with IrDA very well without parallel ("printer") port. If you need these ports, be sure to pay attention to their presence. Perhaps they are in the docking station or port replicator, but these devices will likely have to be purchased separately.

Wireless. If you make your choice on the cheap laptops prices-based technology Centrino, you'll get a chance to connect to the wireless LAN standard 802.11b. Some manufacturers offer computers with built-in wireless networking standard 802.11a / g. Today, the most common is the network of the old standard 802.11b, but other standards can achieve higher data rates (up to 54 Mbit / c). I think that it is not necessary to purchase a laptop with the controller of the "fast" standard, it is possible that your network simply does not support it (only compatible with 802.11b 802.11g, but 802.11a). So, if your laptop has a built-in antenna for Wi-Fi, the controller can then be replaced because it comes in the form of an expansion card mini-PCI.

Wireless communication via interface Bluetooth. This is exactly the standard that displaces notebook infrared port. Many modern handheld computers and mobile phones are equipped with the controller, so to sync them with a laptop is not required to lay out the devices directly to an infrared port.

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