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Competition VS. Community

May 12th 2012 at 6:40 AM

The driving force of the economic machine of America, and in fact the entire world is known as Competition.

In the Free Enterprise System of economics, competition demands its fair share of losers as well as for winners.

Under the guiding principals of competition, marketers are required to constantly balance the profitability of any product produced and sold to the public. Compromises are usually made either in lower cost manufacturing materials, or in employee wages and benefits.

By controlling supply and demand, the marketing industry regulates the final retail price as each item is distributed and sold; equally they set the standards as to how much the producers of raw materials will receive for their products as they are sold to the wholesale markets.

Our entire world is driven by competition; whether on the sports field, in the office, or even in the political arena, men and women are vying for the coveted number 1 position. Besides the fame and glamour attached with this particular pose, people want the wealth and fortune than is rewarded those who are the best of the best.

Taking the second and third position ultimately has little meaning; you might as well be amongst the loser crowd, and within this form of system, there are far more people that are the losers than ever the winners.

Businessmen of all levels and caliber are perpetually trying to undermine the strength of their competition. When a rival business collapses, others are rejoicing and celebrating that loss. Even though countless employees have lost their jobs, and material suppliers have lost a big percentage of their profits, the big bulldozer known as competition, has created a winner.

Competition even enters into the private sector. The working classes of people are perpetually living in instability; not one has what is called a stable or secure job. People are moved around constantly, being promoted and demoted from one category to the next. Incomes are constantly fluctuating depending on good fortune rather than true net-worth.

If an individual loses their job, there are hundreds that are ready and willing to grab that job even for lower pay if need be.

If a family looses their home, another family will snatch it up for pennies on the dollar, and laugh all the way to the bank. In fact, in all the truly get rich schemes of wealth development, the primary income generation formulas include taking advantage of those people that are the losers.

Repossessed homes and autos are Big Business; so is Divorce. Most families undergoing the very stressful burden of economic despair will usually succumb to separation, because hopelessness will destroy even the love of men and women. And there are those who revel in the destructive negative forces of competition, because there is great money to be made from other people’s loss.

All of the great biblical sages of old promoted a completely different system for those who choose to live above the levels of nature; the call of the wild is kill or be killed; eat or be eaten.

A true man of God is one who raises his standard of living to include goodness, hope, health, and even prosperity for his friends and neighbors.

The Lord created a System of Faith and Worship, based upon the guiding principals of “Community”. All were to share in the abundance and prosperity of the Group as a whole.

The wealthy were commanded to sell all that they possessed to be distributed amongst the neglected and poor, even if one had 2 coats; he was to share his families covering with those who had none.

In our Country, the Power and Fiscal Strength of Community is understood by our governing bodies; we all pay our fair share of taxes, which are used to provide a multitude of services, for which we are repaid by the many benefits those services provide to us all.

But when it comes to income generation, we are still left completely on our own. We ourselves must choose what occupation we will enter into, and as to which income we will qualify for. As a Communal group, there are no specific benefits.

In this new age and era of economic unrest, many are turning to new forms of income generation. Community has a whole new meaning, as many are beginning to recognize the benefits of an age long gone. In our grandparents generation, community was necessary for everyday existence, all shared in the services that others provided, many of which where either traded or bartered.

As so many have learned, the government is not always the source of help that we all thought, many have been left on the wayside, literally penniless and homeless. People are turning to other people for help, and new micro-communities are evolving amidst the megalopolises of massive cities.

The Organization called, “Community Wealth Builders” is such a micro-community; people are bonding together in order to uplift and heal each other’s financial status. By reaching out to those around them, they have found a center for strength and support that otherwise has been overlooked and neglected by those of our age.

Rediscovering this age-old concept has turned out to be a major blessing for so many countless people.

Community Wealth Builders is spreading this message of hope through unity.

This is not a system build upon the archaic bones of “Competition”; it is being revitalized upon the ageless infrastructure of man helping man survive, thrive, and succeed.

If you are a living breathing human being, you are a person that could benefit from what this system is all about. Learning to capitalize upon the very tenets of life, means that we need not spend any money than what we are already expending for our daily living costs. But by restructuring the very core of expenditures, we begin to reap the benefits and rewards of communal unity.

By adhering to God’s very plan of Life for his creation, we are all automatically found to be under God very Blessings of Abundance and Prosperity. Instead of rowing our boat against the current all by ourselves, together our boat will propel forwards as if it where a powerful motor driven boat; the tide simply disappears.


God Bless you!



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