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I am a Personal Wellness Coach. Training and Guiding you through all areas of your life related to your fitness and wellbeing.
The most important is the lifestyle Analysis to help you make valuable time for yourself and realise how important your health really is to you!

I love nature, music, good food, being creative and helping people.
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Compelling Marketing Messages in 7 Easy Steps!

Oct 18th 2010 at 3:01 AM

Do you have a great marketing message that make ideal prospects sit up and take notice of you and your business? Are you consistently attracting the right people into your business? Yes? Then you should be congratulated – you are obviously doing the right stuff to effectively target and communicate with your ideal market! 


If however you are not yet attracting enough ideal clients, or if you are battling to get your message across, you may want to ask yourself if you really have a clear, concise and compelling marketing message.

You do not have to feel stuck! Here are 7 easy steps to follow to create compelling marketing messages and copy:

1. Connect with your audience or ideal target market. Are you clear about WHO you are targeting and WHERE to find them? The first step in effective communication is knowing who your target audience is and then effectively connecting with them.

2. Understand their problems. Do you really know what challenges your target market is experiencing? Long before you can position yourself at the ideal problem-solver, you need to demonstrate that you truly understand your prospects. Remember, effective marketing is not about YOU, but all about the PROSPECT.

3. Provide reassurance. After you have demonstrated that you understand the problems, you need to provide some reassurance. Think about it, when you are personally experiencing problems, isn’t it good to know that you are not alone and that there is a solution to all these problems?

4. Elaborate on the Solution Benefits. The next step in the process is to get right to the benefits of the solution. Does it save time, help the prospect to make or save money, live longer, regain youth, reduce stress, simplify their lives, make them smarter, etc.? I think you get the message.

5. Provide Proof. Most of us want to see and hear how others have benefited from a specific solution before we dive in to get it ourselves. The sceptic in us wants proof, especially if it requires a significant investment. Share client testimonials, research, case studies or other proof as appropriate. What did others gain or benefit? Can these benefits be quantified? What sets your solution apart from others in the market?

6. Solution Features are still important. Many novice marketers make the mistake of wanting to share the features of their product or service right up front.  Yes, features are important, but not the first priority.  Only elaborate more about the solution features once the other bases have been covered.

7. Call to Action. Finally, remember to close. This means ASKING the prospect to take the action that you want them to take.  Would you want the prospect to proceed with the sale, make an appointment for an introductory consultation, or pay there and then?  You need to ask! Without this crucial last step, a prospective client or customer may be lost forever if there is no follow-through.

Here is my business challenge to you today:  If you are struggling to get you message across or if you are struggling to connect with your ideal target market, look at your current marketing messages (verbal and written). Can you improve your current message? Can you use the formula above? Take ACTION today!


By Gina Mostert

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Nov 8th 2010 at 8:50 PM by phmoisan
Very nice article, Lucille. I love point 6, which reminds me not to forget solution features, but putting it in the right place, after they eat up our words. :)

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