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Communication, Your Incentive and Your Auto Responder

Aug 13th 2010 at 6:11 PM

Our group has spent a lot of time, this week, learning a new approach to auto responder marketing.  After talking with hundreds of marketers who have tried to generate automated results, we have discovered that the majority are missing out on the primary reason for even having and automated marketing system... communication!

In short, people are not CONNECTING with their subscribers.  For this reason we continually hear stories of unsubscribers, unresponsive lists and the absolute absence of conversion.

Our auto responder isn't meant to replace us, it's meant to assist us... to compliment and automate our efforts to connect with our audience and build a lasting relationship based on trust.  It isn't meant to be an automated used car salesman or woman who just batters the masses, plays the odds and hopes for the best.

When it comes to getting results with your auto responder, the message you are sending to your audience must flow from the the subject lines of your sales letters through your incentive and into your auto responder.  We've been using this strategy with great success!  Not only are opt-in numbers significantly greater, but automated conversion is up considerably as well.

We have been basing our systems on the simple idea that we must first explain to people WHY they need to take action, how to take that action and what taking that action will do for them.  Most systems DO NOT take this approach.

Understanding your WHO your target market is and WHERE to find them is very important as well.  Just because you belong to an MLM or other other home based business opportunity does not mean that Internet marketers are your target market.  In fact, in most cases Internet marketers are NOT your target market. 

Internet marketers who are targeting Internet marketers are finding themselves caught in a vicious cycle.  Targeting Internet marketers with a business opportunity is like trying to sell ice door to door in Alaska.  

Regardless of WHO might fall into the category of your target market, our marketing strategy can also make or break us.  If you say the wrong thing on Twitter, for example, the spam hammer can fall faster than we can ask "what just happened?"  The same thing can happen on Facebook.  This is why using incentives to attract our target audience is so effective.  Not only does it protect us from the issue of spam, it's attractive to people because we are offering quality information, at no cost, that can solve problems and answer questions.

So, to create a marketing system that will serve as our assistant, bring about some automated sales and create a viral flow of traffic...

1.)  Create a HIGH value incentive that you can give away to your target market that will answer a question and solve a problem for them based on THEIR needs.  As they continue on their journey through our system they will be presented with solutions to their needs which can include YOUR PRODUCTS or even your OPPORTUNITY.

2.)  Advertise the INCENTIVE, and only the incentive.  Use the incentive to build your mailing list.  As long as you are offering a solution to problem, people will opt in to get it.

3.)  Utilize your auto responder to establish a foundation of customer support, in the beginning.  Throughout your auto responder series, communicate to people your intentions to help them.  I like using every third letter to send my subscribers a new, high value freebie, without any call of attention to services, products or opportunities that I may be selling.

When we tie this methodology together and begin to use it in our marketing efforts we have a system that will make a connection between you and your subscribers.  In turn, this action will generate trust and form a relationship that will bring about an awesome experience for both you and your subscribers as well.  The incentives and communication will help them and their trust in you will bring about conversion in the form of opt-ins, sales and sign ups.


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Aug 17th 2010 at 9:32 AM by mentoringmama
Rex..Great article! Everyone should read it and start using autoresponders if they haven't :)
Aug 15th 2010 at 11:49 PM by teach91
Hi Rex, This info is Right on the Money, and well worth mentioning. Thanks for sharing...
Aug 14th 2010 at 7:58 PM by redhwanict
Hi Rex, your advice is great people should read this so they know how important communication is. Many people have list but it's unresponsive. There's something missing from their list. Yes it's a communication that is missing. Autoresponder is not about replacing you but it's about assisting you in building relationship and good communication with your subscribers. When you abandon this factor then your list will become unresponsive. Great article!
Aug 14th 2010 at 3:26 AM by jerryreeder
great advice

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