Colorful Powder Coating for Architectural Structures

May 20th 2015 at 9:51 PM

Powder coating provides the best protective covering to metal parts and objects. It is powder but it becomes a thin film of covering on heating. First the powder is sprayed on metallic surface and then the metal piece is kept in a heated temperature.

The process looks simple but it isn’t. It starts with preparation of the piece of metal for powder coating. The metallic surface is cleaned before it is sprayed with powder. The powder is sprayed with a gun and the powder is sprayed all over. The piece of metal is heated only when it has powder all over.

Metallic Powder Coating

Whether it is a needle or an escalator, if it is metal then it has to be coated with powder. It has to be protected from harsh weather conditions that can rust the metal and make it weak. The metal would start disintegrating after coming into contact with moisture but a protective covering can prevent it from coming into contact with moisture.

Powder coating is a process. It is done in two ways. First is batch process and second is automated lines process. Batch process is manual process and it is used when a large piece of metal comes for coating. Batch process is also used for coating metal pieces of different dimensions.

Architectural metal finishing is done by batch process. Construction industry uses metal pieces for making structures and support structures. These structures need protection against moisture and the only way to protect metal structures from moisture is to coat the pieces with powder.

Why Powder Coating?

It is simply the best as it is 100% safe for both the user and the environment. Powder contains no toxins that can go down to the drain and mix with ground water and soil. Since it has no toxins, it causes no harm to the user. Another advantage of powder coating is that it produces no waste. Droppings can be collected and used again.

How to Powder Coat Large Pieces of Metal?

It is a difficult job for even the most experienced service provider. Large pieces of metal are difficult to transport hence they are broken down into small pieces and brought into a facility where they are powder coated and joined again.

Powder coating gives the best architectural metal finishing. Coating doesn’t add weight to the structure but makes it smooth and shining. Powder coating makes metal durable and all the advantages are available at no extra cost.

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