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HOW WE CAN HELP THE PEOPLE OF JAPAN? No matter who we are or where we live, when we look into the hurting eyes of the victims of Japan's earthquakes and tsunami, we see our own families, our own children and our own communities -- and know it could happ

CLUB-ASTERIA Restoring The Balance Of Financial Equality

Feb 5th 2011 at 2:16 AM
How does it work? We are helping people from all over the world become more financially stable by giving them an additional means to support their family and friends.  This is an amazing task and we need your help. We are looking for dedicated individuals from all walks of life who are willing to accept this cause and help others. You will enjoy the amazing benefits of working with Andrea Lucas, former Director of the World Bank and you will earn an income as described in the Excel Spreadsheet that you can download by CLICKING HERE. Please study this information carefully; it may help you design a strategy that could change the lifes of your family as well as many others.

The above spreadsheet is for explanation purposes only and not intended to mislead you. Please us common sense when applying your estimations.

Club-Asteria calculates 30% of the earnings that comes into the company from the previous week and distributes it on the following week's commission run. Therefore, there is never an exact percentage or a guarantee thereof.

Club Asteria earns from each member's participation in the Club through the usage and purchases of products and services. Earnings can only be distributed to members if they are first earned. Please support Your Club and benefit from your support!

Let's see what kind of revenue, this option offers you:

You can choose from two types of membership:
1;silver membership (Silver Membership) - Fee: $ 10 per month
2;gold membership (Gold Membership) - Fee: $ 20 per month

The following table is $ 20 (gold membership) membership fee is chosen, showing a revenue opportunity.
The first week of the $ 20 membership fee is paying you 20 "asterios"-t (for simplicity we call points.) By the end of the first week (every Friday morning)for up to 10%(typically 7-10% per week) Irish profits credited to the account, with the 80% of your score is automatically (asterios) and 20% of your balance in cash to add.
Here you can see that the first week membership for $ 20 Advice of charge to the profit added 80% of 21.6 points (asterios) and 0.4 dollars will be money.The next week you go to the 21.6 points which is 23.33 Friday morning of the second week, and so on.As shown in the table to 20 weeks after the system is completely self-sustaining, and the 40 th week of about $ 100 per month in passive income. Then it really starts, because of the higher scores have a much higher profit yield ratio.If you look on the table, it is clear that as you go forward in time weekly earnings are growing, ideally by the end of the 75th week reached the maximum $ 400 weekly income, which is the current exchange rate conditions, at $ 350-400 a week for you.Revenues of $ 10 from each week may ask.
(If you choose the silver membership for $ 10 monthly fee, a $ 400 weekly maximum is about 3 years after itself.)
The minimum amount may be requested for $ 10, which account for 0-3 days.The following table shows the monthly membership fee is $ 20 and ideally 10% of revenue due to the possibility discussed in weekly returns.So in the following table shows the monthly membership fee is $ 20 and ideally 10% of revenue due to yield a weekly opportunitydiscusses et.
So in the following table shows the monthly membership fee is $ 20 and ideally 10% of revenue due to return a week discussing the possibility.
Click on the link and will appear in the table (extended). m/index?refid=21712
and sign up NOW!
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Feb 19th 2011 at 1:06 PM by robertallen
Donations by Members in 2010 At the end of 2010 the members of Club Asteria had the wonderful opportunity to make positive contributions to some of the world’s neediest causes. Andrea Lucas, Managing Director, announced that at the end of December, in addition to their own philanthropic programs, 9 other organizations were selected in order to support them in their goals to make the world a better place. Club Asteria partnered with or contributed to the Grameen Foundation, World Concern, Heifer International, Living Earth Institute, Opportunity Now, Kiva, Gospel for Asia, Water Aid and World Vision. All of these organizations share the goals of Club Asteria to help eliminate the cycle of poverty that inhibits a large portion of our population from being able to enjoy the abundances of life. At Club Asteria we are so humbled and inspired by our members’ desire and intent to follow through on our mission and vision to contribute to these organizations and their worthwhile causes. These contributions served families in India, Thailand, the Philippines, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Kenya, Somalia, Ghana, Nepal, Tanzania, Russia, Romania, Ukraine and so many other parts of the world. Through our micro-finance/micro-credit program we were able to fund dozens of entrepreneurs who now have the ability to expand or start their own businesses with the micro loans they received. These individuals will be able to buy cloth, inventory for their stores, seed, fertilizer, farming equipment, animals and food products, and make repairs to their transportation equipment and so many other things that will fund their business enterprises. We also contributed several dozen sewing machines to women entrepreneurs to give them an opportunity to earn a livelihood for their families by making clothes. These sewing machines will not only put clothes on the backs of their children but for a lifetime put food on their family’s table as well. In addition to the micro-loans our members made significant contributions to the ownership of animals which play a crucial role in many people’s lives throughout the world. These animals provide sustenance and produce income when their milk, cheese, butter, eggs or offspring are sold. These animals change the lives of each family that is fortunate to receive a gift such as this. At the end of 2010 we had the opportunity to donate camels, pigs, cows, chickens, water buffalos and goats to make a difference in so many families’ lives. These animals are breathing sources of income for the poor and what is even better, is that when they reproduce the offspring can be given to additional families to assist even more people so that the donation and gift keeps on giving. Our contributions included not just the gift of the animals but also the gift of learning how to keep their animals safe and productive. One of our most important goals at Club Asteria is the vision that everyone in the world should have access to clean, safe water and sanitary facilities. This is the basis for health, education and successful livelihood. We contributed to the construction of machine drilled deep fresh water wells for villages in Kenya and Somalia so as to provide clean drinking water. These villages lacked facilities for clean drinking water and the women were forced to walk many miles to collect water from polluted ponds and streams. The wells will improve the health of entire communities and allow the women to do other jobs and spend more time taking care of their children. In addition we contributed towards a rainwater harvesting tank that, when completed, will serve over 1000 people in Tanzania with fresh water. We were also able to make significant donations by helping provide clothing, supplies and nutrition for children so that they could attend school to have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Through these many programs and the organizations that we supported our mission is to transform lives through these educational programs, micro-loans, agricultural programs, stockyard animals and in providing nutrition and safe water to live a good life. As we are now entering 2011 our mission continues. Our members are even more inspired and motivated to provide the underserved families of the world with the help they need. Through Club Asteria we provide opportunity where before there was none. We give people the tools, education and knowledge of how to create a better life for themselves and their families. Our vision and mission continues with the responsibility of knowing that if we don’t do something to help these people, who will? and sign up NOW!

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