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2 years ago

Clixsense Auto Chain Get Referrals Free!

Dec 17th 2013 at 5:34 PM




Tuesday, December 17, 2013


How to get free referrals for 5 minutes a day


With our Clixsense strategy you can get a good number of active referrals for Clixsense totally FREE. All you need to invest is 5 minutes a day just read the information below.


Notice how each day increase profits!


Start Earning Today!


Get many referrals for ClixSense FREE and start earning money.


With Clixsense Auto Chain you can get a good number of active referrals for Clixsense totally FREE. All you need to invest is 5 minutes a day.


To understand the purpose of Clixsense Auto Chain is necessary to know what it is and how it works with ClixSense.


ClixSense is a PTC (Paid To Click) one of the best known, it works like this: You register (see the link below) and you see ads after you log in, you get payed $ 0.01 per ad viewed and $ 0.01 for each see ad your referrals click, get more referrals greater your benefits.


To make money with these systems the most important thing is to have active referrals earnings.


With Clixsense Auto Chain your referrals will be very active because they know they will get active referrals too.



Would you become active if you saw your referral list grow and grow?



It is important to have a good list of referrals and to be active, if you have referrals you are likely to find yourself becoming more active and making more money.


By joining Clixsense Auto Chain you will not only get a good number of FREE referrals, your referrals will also get a good number of referrals, and best of all, All these referrals through Clixsense Auto Chain will be fully active because they will know for sure that they will get referrals and their referrals will also turn into an asset!


Just follow the instructions and start making money with Clixsense.



How does Clixsense Auto Chain works?



Clixsense Auto Chain bases its operation on the system of duplication, duplication for ClixSense links, add your link once to the system, and you promote, then your link will be duplicated many times automatically.



Who can participate in Clixsense Auto Chain?



All those who already belong to ClixSense and those who do not belong to ClixSense.


To join Clixsense Auto Chain copy and save all the text of this letter in your notebook, after adding your link. Then Join by the 1st link on the list below.



Publish this letter in forums, free ads, emails etc. add your link with the title: "Clixsense Auto Chain, gets many referrals for free".



Difference between Clixsense Auto Chain and a conventional chain:


Clixsense Auto Chain is automatic, and does not need anyone's supervision.


Remember Clixsense Auto Chain - operation is based on the duplication of Your Link!



To join Clixsense Auto Chain follow these steps:



STEP 1. Copy everything full text Clixsense Auto Chain, do not change anything, to be effective Clixsense Auto Chain everyone should read the whole text, and save it to your notebook computer or computer. (Later you'll need it).


STEP 2. In the list you see below this paragraph just click on the link that is in the highest position in the list (if the link does not work copy the link and paste it in the address bar of your browser) and join ClixSense (if already ClixSense a member of this step is not necessary) once registered, get your link located at ClixSense for referring users.



Position 1. <>


Position 2. <>


Position 3. <>


Position 4. <>


Position 5. <>



STEP 3. Open your notebook with all the message and delete the link number 1, then pass the link number 2 to position 1, the link number 3 to number 2, the link number 4 to number 3, the link number 5 to number 4. add your link to the position No 5. (Do not forget to add <> before your link).


STEP 4. From here is where the real power of Auto Chain starts.


Start searching for online forums, bulletin boards, message boards, bulletin boards, chat sites (chats), discussions, discussion groups, online communities, everything that serves to spread the message and publishes Auto Chain the ALL AUTOCHAIN MESSAGE without changing anything except your link at number 5.


Simply copy the contents of your scrapbook and paste to all these sites. Studies of this system are estimated to put 200 ads, my advice is to put more of these ads the first day and then put 1,2 or 3 each day, so your referrals continue to increase every day.


You can also send it to your contacts and friends, but do not spam, is annoying and it's a crime. Spam is considered send such messages to recipients whose e-mail has reached you in one way or another and do not even know you had requested information about it.


It is proved that for every 200 people who see this type of ad at least 15 are joined. These 15 new members will do the same as you doubling your link.


You send 200 listings come together 15 people.


1. 15 (1) = 15 people = Your link is duplicated 15 times.


2. 15 (15) = 225 people = Your link is duplicated 225 times.


3. 15 (225) = 3375 people = Your link is duplicated 3375 times.


4. 15 (3375) = 50625 people = Your link is duplicated 50,625 times.


5. 15 (50625) = 759375 people = Your link is duplicated 759,375 times.


Realistically you're not going to get to the end of your cycle 759,375 referrals, this is totally impossible, but suppose you get 100 referrals (a ridiculous figure watching the level of duplication of your links).



Was it worth losing 5 minutes a day?



Assuming that we got those 100 referrals in a ClixSense which pays up to 0.008 cent per referrals click, lets say as example that our referrals have an average of 10 clicks per day


$ 0.008 *10 = 0.08 Referral daily income


Since we got 100 referrals then we earn $ 8 daily for the clicks of our referrals.


$ 8 x 30 days = $ 240


What makes a total of $ 240 monthly with ClixSense, if you participate?.


Welcome at Clixsense Auto Chain, start enjoying REFERRAL BENEFITS!


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