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10 months ago

Choosing the Highest Earning Keywords for SEO and Free Website Hits

Dec 14th 2010 at 10:11 AM

Keywords most definitely have a major part in Website search engine optimization. Keywords, when when used by a knowledgeable webmaster, indicate to the engines what keywords each page should be listed with. Many internet entrepreneurs have a difficult time with Website seo keywords for two reasons. One, they don't know how to locate profitable keywords for building website traffic. And two, they often misuse keywords, which does more harm than good when it comes to building web traffic.

Choosing the best keywords does not need to be overly hard. There are 2 things to consider when choosing the keyword(s) or phrase(s) for your website. First is relevancy. The point of a keyword is to target your target audience. It is good to begin any keyword search with words and phrases that would likely be used by people who would be interested in the information (and products, services, etc.) that you are offering.

A keyword search for a specific word or phrase (2-3 words) will most likely bring back hundreds, if not thousands of related key phrases. Locating the most useful keywords is not hard, as long as you know which keywords will be the most effective for driving traffic. One of the best ways to find keywords that have high to moderate demand (many people searching for that specific keyword) as well as low supply or "competition" (a limited amount of other websites using the same word).

The majority of webmasters realize the first part of that equation, yet the second part (which is of course the more vital part) is often passed right over. I have always been stunned to see that one keyword will have a tremendous amount of competition, literally millions of websites trying to fight over position for that particular phrase, and yet a very similar keyword with close to equal demand, is almost untouched.

The fact that so many holes exist in each market just goes to show that most webmasters either aren't doing their research, or they have know idea how the system works. This is great news, however, for you and me. These holes can be utilized to drive massive traffic to a site, while similar sites are all left fighting over a keyword that has so much competition that many people will simply be wasting their efforts and or money.

Locating the most profitable keyword is only the first in an equation that really has two separate parts. Using keywords is another place where the masses fail (even though they "think" they are being so clever.) Here we come to a priceless lesson....always play by the rules and do not attempt to trick the search sites!! Attempting to fool the engines is just not going to get you doing lasting results.

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