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Jan 20th 2013 at 10:17 PM

Shoes to fit, approximately every two weeks, it is necessary to pay attention to the baby's shoes are too small. Is it right? You can let the baby sit down, feel big toe shoe whether from half to 1 cm distance, so that each child started to move forward, big toes stretched enough space. Too big shoes easy to stumbleļ¼ŒStocks soft cloth shoes: just learned to walk, if the ground is too rough, the baby can put on a Fire Red 5S 2013 pair of socks to replace shoes with socks, or is made into soft cloth shoes, preferably feels sole antiskid rubber dots, can prevent the baby slip. Walked, will send out sound: shoe sole will ring bells or hang the shoes, you can let the children pay attention to their own in walking on foot, on the other hand can train their hearing.

Toddlers walking is also unstable, walk the sound can help parents noticed him, knows where he is. convenient cleaning shoes: the baby the best shoes are easy to Pre Order Fire Red 5 clean, dirty can be thrown into the washing machine. easy to wear off easily shoes: usually designed for children shoes, with nylon clip, with the hand a good; or double pull will wear shoes, so shoes for children is not a hard thing. Go to the supermarket, turn soon feel boring, estimate is want to hotel, has been out:, now baby may have eyes, if want to eat something, always not say, always say " I am hungry ". Eat to tea restaurant at noon, the hotel is the most loving father recently, but one man did, almost 2 points up front and 15 tables. In a holiday, She also learn meal call voice, " Buy Fire Red 5S Online B064, you have the green tea ", Jing know to order, also didn't make it with mom said " I want to eat ice cream bread ", then eat several ribs, baby now is not eat vegetables, at noon did not eat. Night, Jing with mother said the secret of the game play, a baby thought in ear whisper is secret, mother to explain, the secret is that nobody else knows, baby immediately comprehend, quietly told his mother: " I told my aunt to go to the supermarket, didn't take you, I went to KFC, eat egg tart, aunt didn't buy French fries, Jordan Fire Red 5 Yang sister to buy ", aunt smiled and said, " that things out ".

A holiday, do not eat regular Jing at home, these two days did not eat less meat, yesterday a day not to poop, tonight I pull, very dry, mother afraid baby eat food. Night, mother to drink yogurt, Jing saw, took the yogurt lids, smilingly walked to the mother's Retro 5 Fire Red For Sale side, pretend to feed the mother to eat, said: " Mom, you eat mashed potatoes ", mother pretended to eat, the baby 's coming over to mother her yogurt drink, as if to say, " I you eat, you have to give me to eat ah ", Before going to sleep at night, Jing not want mommy to talk about books, and until 11 oclocks.

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