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Jan 30th 2013 at 10:12 PM


On Sunday, 5 in the morning to get up, wash finished, packed their bags, no sun nor moon, only the lonely street in the guardian pedestrians. This bus is not on the road, the taxi drivers are also estimated the nodding, only to walk to a collection point. Nine points, Buy Air Jordans Online Shop a line of 37 people arrived at the foot of the mountains, all itch for a try, want to challenge the Jiangxi ranked ninth altitude nine ridge point, at this time the altitude has 900 meters, the highest elevation of 1700 meters, so our challenge is only 800 meters. This activity, the beginning I am responsible for ending, run about 20 minutes, then there are players physical discomfort fold back to the foot, when I saw the returning players is a little surprising.

The team has participated in many activities, 8 degrees below zero challenge Mount Lu was successfully completed, is estimated in order to capture the scenery, a start the mountain road in a hurry, breath not adjust. Every time I climb the most difficult is the first half journey, and went up into the mountain for half an hour, the distance is too far, there are 3 players fork, then immediately Buy Motorboat Jones 9s For Sale call before the team waiting, and other finishing all the players to move. To the eleven points, this is the first time, the team set off, reservoir scenery is good, a lot of players have come up with mobile phone to take pictures, the rest of the journey before comparing many difficulty, along streams have been going up, the shuttle back and forth in streams, by streams very slippery rocks, many of the players shoes wet.

At one point, 1400 meters above sea level, started to prepare lunch, stove and gas I want back the mountain finally at this time come in handy, drink soup mutton slices cooked in hot pot in the wild feeling really good, than eating out more interesting. Can have finished, the rest of the journey can only use hard to describe, because in front of have no way out, can only begin to open. This time our team leader and former team has waved the firewood knife hand, in conjunction with two bit, don't know how to cut the number to reach an altitude of 1600 meters Buy Fire Red 5S Online 2013 mountain grassland, then reached the first peak, this time looking back at the foot of the mountain, do not have some scenery, leeward hillsides still have this much snow while the other side is covered with grass. At three thirty in the afternoon to reach the peak, the peak wind blew some people standing instability, so all hide in the leeward slope break, during which we took a group photo, in a visit that at the top of the sun as a God opened the clouds, showing a face two times.

At four thirty in the afternoon and into the woods, if the front of open up the mountain of hard words, the next journey can only use hard to describe, at four thirty in the sky already dark, to strive to catch more road before dark, we choose straight along the stream, streams is very steep, very dangerous, and sometimes will slide down the stone so go, Jordan 13S He Got Game For Sale particularly hard, but you insist on down, here was again mentioned our former team, remains in charge of level off hilltops open, even a journey is a knife abruptly cut out, hard. Now I became squadron leader, responsible for the difficulties switching players, the team has already begun dotage.

At five thirty in the afternoon, experienced hardship finally came to the ground in highway, the days have been black almost the entire base road, about 5-6 km, everyone Jordan Bred 13S For Sale hurriedly hurry, this time female members of the advantage is manifested, a common shops to level, go base road go really fast, walk the day is completely black, this is we have to take the head lamp and the flashlight, after all these mountains base highway traffic is not too good, middle gully.


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