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Jan 28th 2013 at 12:42 AM

This season is the girls show good figure, in the expression beautiful at the same time, a lot of trouble, with thick thighs, legs do not even do, leg ministry line not satisfied to do... To achieve the purpose of different exercise, need to undertake specific Cheap Jordan Shoes For Salearrangement. In order to solve the problem of the girls, now I described how the pertinence training, especially on five recruit thin leg techniques. 1, deep squat with legs apart and shoulder are the same as wide or slightly wider than the shoulder, back straight trunk without bending, abdomen keep tightening, and knee alignment two or three toes direction, knee remained stable, don't wag. Squat inspiratory body moderate forward, action remains during the process of knee joint do not move forward more than tiptoe, heel does not leave the floor, squat amplitude in the leg and the ground, and keep 90 degrees is the best. If your legs are weak or knee injury, can squat to sixty degrees can. Minimum amplitude thigh not more than the ground level up breath. Insist to do every time 12 to 15 times with respect to OK. Thisbred 13saction practice to the leg of the side and back side hip and hip, suggest the leg fat of the United States eyebrow practice. Adhere to the 3-4 groups can. (suitable for lard type coarse leg)
Deep squat demonstration action
2, a sudden big stride forward squat: feet station spacing and shoulder width or slightly wider than the shoulder, the trunk straight, keep the abdomen is tightened up, the patella at 2, 3 toes direction, knee joint without swing, when crouching below the knee bend 90 is the best. Inspiratory, trunk moderate forward and keep breath up no more than the knee joint. Feelfire red 5s the side leg a tightening feeling. This this action for the side leg fat more the United States eyebrow, insist on 12-15 times, 3-4 groups can. (suitable for lard type coarse leg)
A sudden big stride forward squat demonstration action
3, supine points leg: leg medial on practice to lie down on the mat, legs together up the perpendicular to the ceiling, breathe in the legs to the side and separate, exhale legs fold. Each side leg practice 15 times, or so as a group, 4-5 groups can.
Lie on your back points leg demonstration action
4, on your back leg lifts: leg practice on the side to lie down on the he got game 13smat, legs together up the perpendicular to the ceiling, suction lift side leg, exhale slowly down, reverse direction action. This practice is suitable for muscle leg of the United States eyebrow, and at the same time, cooperate with stretching the effect will be better. You will also feel the lower abdomen has tightened phenomenon oh. Must adhere to. Each side leg practice 15 times, or so as a group, 4-5 groups can.
Lie on your back leg lifts demonstration action
5, sitting hook tiptoe: sitting on a mat, legs together hook a tiptoe, slowly unbend tiptoe can, this movement can practice crus oh. Each side leg practice 15 times, or so as a group, 4-5 groups can.
Sitting hook tiptoe demonstration action
6, side leg lifts: side body in a straight line, raise side leg feel thighfire red 5s 2013 lateral tightening force, onto the body still keep a straight line, slowly down the legs can. Each side leg practice 15 times, or so as a group, 4-5 groups can.
Side leg lifts demonstration action
Above action, you can continuously complete, can also according to their present state of the legs to choose practice, but no matter what action, must hold to do enough quantity, don't carpetbag oh. At the same time cooperate with 30 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercises, such as running, swimming, cycling the effect will be better! Remember that our bodies will never deceive us, but they also look at how we treat yourself. To maintain the leg state of health, in addition to exercise, you will often eat these food oh: 1, banana: calories are comparatively high, but fat content is low, rich in potassium, can reduce adipose build up in the private parts, is the ideal food reducing weight 2, apple: rich in particular malic acid, can accelerate metabolism, contains calcium quantity than any other fruit is rich, can reduce the other para edema salt. 3, sesame, linoleic acid can remove attached to the blood vessels to reducing weight of cholesterol,cheap bred 11s a great help. 4, papaya: unique protein decomposition enzyme, can clear for meat accumulation of fat in the private parts, contain pectin components have colonics effect, reduce the waste. 5, watermelon: fruit of diuresis experts, can reduce the body the excess water. 6, grapefruit: calories low, contains rich potassium to pledge, reduce lower-body fat and moisture accumulation. 7, spinach: promote blood circulation, help fat burning, and good thin leg vegetables. Remember, our body will never deceive us, but they look at how we treat yourself. Know your body, analysis the body's needs, adhere to is victory! The United States eyebrow, quick action!

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