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Cheap Jordan 11 Columbia 2012

Oct 27th 2012 at 1:13 AM

Watch the days are almost black, in the absence of a flashlight cases, walk two hours road to school this is almost impossible, because to many corners, there are a lot of jungle. Finally, remember I cry, no way, can prepare a noodle and hot pepper noodles in nice family. For a long time, Buy Jordan Shoes For Sale I really love to eat instant noodles, because previously never ate instant noodles, and the cheapest was 5 cents a bag, eats is worthwhile. So the two meals a day, every meal is instant noodles. It ate nearly three months, until a PE class collapsed after, in the teacher's urging finally did not eat. Up to now, the bursts of stomach is also worshipped the reckless behavior has given.

But I was not a bit. Because here, I gradually find a sense of belonging, when junior high school let me in learning to find self-confidence, although for a long time, I can get out of the shadow, but overall speaking, I have been very satisfied. Because I could not like before picking up her home Xia sister even life is likely, and the junior high school, still at school often do first. I was very happy, I want to keep holding on, reading. Buy Jordan Retro 1 Why not ideal, just follow a sense of belonging, a subtle sense of happiness. The container truck, my father lost his life is still very young. Hearing the news I can hardly believe it, why? "The blue sky day was wiped out, my beloved! You are too I also bear this torture? No real grandpa said, even the father has not seen him without saying, you should be I have to try the taste of his father, let my father die an untimely on honest! I despair.

My father! "Dad is single, but he was gone, Very confused, very confused! Eyes do not know which direction to move. I had never dropped out, is the mother of a person carry the whole family, pay my tuition, grandfather and grandmother to the cost of living. She is a person of migrant workers for many years, but never m back over, do take that road from the high cost. Buy Jordan 2 Retro I have been to her factory, doing more tired than rural home of many live every week, will be on the night shift, a lot of noise. I want to try to help their mother to do some more, so she can do less. But I can only stay in it for two hours, never stay. Watching every time she stoop up, and then bent down, a box and a box dragging a heavy aluminum products, walk forty or fifty meters, every such work forty or fifty times.

He even rice to eat, even the clothes are reluctant to buy it, but I have to make such a decision! My heart is very contradictory, conflicting. Mother, I have the experience deeply: he is very poor, it is because she is very poor, so I almost gave poor the all life have experienced. I can deeply understand the hardships of poor people, especially children in the Buy Fire Red 4S village hard. Really, I feel lucky. If not go to their favorite university, but this has been enough, for now, will not be too much to expect. But in the countryside, there are tens of thousands of children have no chance to go to school. and will continue to maintain life! Do nearly all the activities are towards the public March, we always keep trying. From the association took more than two yuan capital, hold to basic activities this summer for more than 20 days in the teaching research activities.

Remove them members of its fare and the cost of living, Because I have to and I conditions do not match, warehouse to solid and tell ceremony, adequate food and clothing honor knowledge. So why should I do? Others Jordan 11 Columbia want to know, I also often ask myself. In fact, I do not say, which answer free. Have a look how I will own experience to say so much, you can basically understand. In a word, and I like this poor child more than thousands on thousands of life? In the thousands on thousands of and how many still live a miserable day than I have seen.

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